THE WEEK #33 2015

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This week I moved out of my first place. As I bleached the tiles, scrubbed the skirting boards and bagged up my belongings I felt a little sadness leaving my mole hole as I fondly call it. The place was teeny tiny, I dealt with cockroaches, it never had any sunlight and backed onto the bins but it was mine. Number 5 will forever stay in my heart but it is now on to pastures new, new responsibilities and  a new start...In a bigger place. I can't wait to move in next week and get the place kitted out, but for now i've moved in with the chap, no arguments (so far) haha.

Monday dealt me a strange card health wise so I found myself in the fantastic company of my best friend Hannah. We indulged on pizza (obviously) and set the world to rights. We met two years ago at work and bonded over a mutual habit of talking seriously loud at inappropriate times. After a few tests whatever was wrong with me turned out okay in the end thankfully but I was really glad to have a good friend to help out.

On Thursday I was invited to the Beauty and Holistic lounge salon in Liverpool city centre. I was treated to a blow-dry and gel nails which I had painted in a beautiful, glossy aubergine shade. The salon is very opulently decorated in gold and black with various themed rooms for treatments including my favourite, the Bounty waxing suite - yep they use coconut and chocolate scented wax! A lot of thought about the decoration and theme of the salon was put in by co-owner Lisa and you can really see every detail has been thought about. Lisa even tells me that next year there will be a bar included!

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