THE WEEK #34 2015

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This week I had a breakfast buddy, it's not half bad having someone to pop the kettle on and bring you a morning brew however,when Friday called, I found myself moving back into my own company and into what I hope will be more of a permanent home. The place is cosy, it has huge sash windows and a really nice feel.

As I sit here now, there's a thunderstorm outside, rain is bouncing off the road and the hum of traffic is lit up with flashes of lightning. I have a black coconut candle burning and a string of fairy lights hung from the walls. I really feel at home and there's something incredibly 'milestone ticking offy' about my career paying for it. 

This week I also joined the gym, i've been putting it off for.. years but the time has come whereby no more excuses can be made. My jelly belly is wobbling more and more by the minute and my very stationary job, gorging on crisps and cookies all day long isn't the way to look and feel good. I've even caved and bought a neon green, quick dry, gym top and matching leggings. Who am I?

I discovered a new hangout in Liverpool this week by the name of Ziferblat whereby unlimited tea/coffee and cake is free. Hang on for tomorrows post if you'd like to learn more. 

Next week, posting will continue as normal but I will be (hopefully) sipping on a Pina Colarda on the beach somewhere in Ibiza therefore there will be no 'The Week' next Sunday however, I have something else planned for then.

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