The last day of September marks another monthly beauty favourites post. As we delve deeper into Autumn and Winter looms ever closer here are selection of beauty bits and pieces that i've been using over the last 4-5 weeks.

Fake it 'till you make it: My natural sun tan has been fading considerably as the month has progressed and in a bid to keep the glow i've been using the Instant Bronzing Gel* by Trilogy Skincare. The light weight gel that is scented distinctly like marzipan and leaves the skin instantly glowing upon application. The formula can also be built up over several days to provide a deeper glow.

Upping my brow game: I have been in desperate need for a brow palette for some time now. Using the darkest shade in my w7 'In the city palette' just wasn't giving me the full effect. I needed to up my brow game considerably. I have the brunette kit but there is also one for the blondies out there. The palette comes with three matte shadows, an angled brush and a setting gel - all for under a fiver.

Achieving pearly whites: I was recently introduced to the Arm and Hammer, Advanced white toothpaste* - made with baking soda the formula gives you that gritty just-left-the-dentist sensation which some may find a bit strange but I personally really like it. The toothpaste has kept my teeth free from chain brew staining whilst keeping my breath nice and fresh (always a plus.)

The sweetest scent: It's been a while since i've found a scent that truly makes me coo. 'White luminous gold'* by Michael Kors is a beautiful feminine scent made up of pear, jasmine and amber giving for a sensual scent. If you're passing an MK beauty counter, I highly recommend giving it a sniff.

Bordeaux nails: I have been wearing 'St Martin's lane' by Nails Inc all month, I love the beautiful damson shade and luckily for me, it looks pretty awesome on shorter nails too. Unfortunately I have the old packaging and within the new Nails Inc rebrand, the shade is similar to 'Marylebone Place.'

Blemish Busting: Concealer is a tricky one for me as I usually have a raging, red boil on my face that needs covering three-four times a day. I tend to get on best with concealers with a thick consistency however, the 'Smart Shade Concealer' by Almay is an oil based concealer that blends beautifully with the skin upon application. 

Want to see which products I was loving last month? August favourites 2015.



It's a shame that I don't have killer talons to paint beautiful colours on to. Instead stubby fingers is how I roll. Nail biting was a habit I kicked through the ages of 16-18 and then the stresses of university loomed and my mingy fingers re-appeared.

In a bid to stop nibbling, I like to keep my 'nails' painted a pretty colour. As you all probably know already, Autumn colour palettes are my favourites and it is the perfect time of year to sport them in nail polish shades. 

'St Martin's Lane' by Nails Inc is a beautiful magenta purple that I like to wear on my toes. It's in the old school packaging and i'm not entirely sure that it's available in the new packaging. I think the most similar shade is 'Marylebone Court' if you like the shade.

'Regent Street' is again old Nails Inc branding but the colour is beautiful, a warm reddish brown that is most similar to 'Tate' in the new branding. 

I've talked about 'Chameleon Copper' by HEMA a few times before and it's clear to see why. It's the perfect 'oil spill' shade that looks great on shorter nails. My fourth pick is a beautiful sunrise orange from London Girl which I like to wear with a gold accent nail. 



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This week has been of travel, UK travel that is as I found myself on a train snaking down the country to the south. Yesterday was spent soaking up the last of the seasonal sun in Brighton - one of my favorite places long before it became a blogger hotspot. After a rather embarrassing parking incident at the beginning of the day, the rest of the morning was spent indulging in fish and chips on the infamous pebbled beach. Bliss.

As the afternoon passed by we headed to one of my favourite spots in Brighton, the North Laine, A vibrant and eclectic mix of vintage clothes stores and antique stores I scoured Snoopers and raided Boho. A stop at Wai Kika Moo Kau for a delicious chai smoothie had to be made before diving back into the bustle.

At sunset we sat on the beach, watching the sun disappear behind the old, burnt out pier s I huddled into my faux fur bomber jacket (more on that soon) a lovely mellow feeling came over me in's true i'm happiest by the sea.

Today is an incredibly lazy Sunday, it started with a delicious full English breakfast which of course is an unbeatable start to any day. Before heading back to Liverpool tonight a scrumptious roast dinner is to made and devoured.

Diggin on Alexa Chung covering Stevie Nicks' 'Blue Jeans' - Cheese and chorizo toasties and the smell of fresh sea air.

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I hate to sound like everybody else when I say this but I really do love Autumn. Born in the Autumn (Weirdly November is still technically Autumn) I start to look forward to my favourite season mid August time, anticipating the rusty coloured leaves, unpredictable weather and that extra layer to keep you snuggly - Desperately trying not to be cliche and mentioning Pumpkin Spice Latte's.

My latest wardrobe musing is a light jacket from Primark. My camera sadly hasn't picked up the richness of the burgundy coat - instead making it look a little browner. In real life it's the same colour as my hair a rich plum shade with a spicy maroon fur stole. The jacket itself has a zip fastening with a tie and buttons to keep the heat in. I have been wearing my Autumn jacket with ankle boots -you can find me musing about more of my favourite Autumn jackets here.



It's been a little while since a '4 corners of my room'  post adorned your screens - in-fact it was back in 2013 when I showed you around my bedroom. Ah, so much nostalgia I loved that little place, painted Opiate purple with gold coving. These days I live in my own flat, so there a few more corners to show you. I've picked four of my favourites to show you today.

1.The first corner holds my bed, my flat came fully furnished therefore I didn't have a choice about the furniture, my bed head isn't too bad but I figured it would look better with scattered fairy lights. You may remember that I used them in my studio when I lived in London, they're from Ikea and give a red, warm glow when lit at nighttime. My cushions are a little miss matchy at the moment as they were bought for my old place. My bedding (which you can see a better picture of here) is from TK Maxx and is a colourful spread featuring Indian elephants and Asian prints. My canopy is there to create a cost nest and of course features a dream catcher for all of those nasty nightmares.

2.The second corner is a little slice of my kitchen, one of my favourite places when i'm washing up or making a brew aside the light from the huge sash windows. I have covered some of my cupboards with a selection of my favourite people. There's everybody from my Nan to my fellow internship buddies all reminding me of good times, people and places. I have a random selection of bits and bats hanging around this area, there's a vintage, silver teapot and a shopping list from the 1970's that belonging to my Nan. A lemon Yankee Candle sits on top of my coffee pot and can anybody spot the Yorkshire tea?

3.Across to my sofa, a little leather number that I decided to make more colourful by spreading a sheet I bought in Ibiza over the top. My cushions were an investment I made a few years ago and are from India. They're scatter cushions more than for snuggling into but I love them. Cosmo magazine sitting there is a must along with my favourite eucalyptus and sage candle and incense stick box, also a little treat from Ibiza. 

4.Finally, my favourite corner that houses my best trinkets. If you read the original 'Four corners' piece you may remember some of my vintage teacups. Having had them in storage for a year or so, it's so good to have them out on display again and for use with Sunday brunch of course. A little fact for you, the two yellow ones at the front belonged to Mary Portas when her agency was 'Yellowdoor.'The next shelf down holds my perfumes and a Fortnum and Mason jar holding my incense sticks. The lights strung from the arch are from Primark and are battery operated to avoid any ugly wiring. 



Since hitting my 20's i've been investing more and more interest in better quality skincare and the benefits of using products made up of premium ingredients. I was recently introduced to Trilogy* a natural skincare brand hailing from New Zealand, available in the UK.

The founders of Trilogy Catherine de Groot and Sarah Gibbs jumped on an opportunity to bridge the gap between performance and natural skincare.

I have recently been trialling three products from Trilogy including their 'Certified Organic Rose Hip oil' hero product which has reportedly attracted the attention of Kate Middleton and Victoria Beckham.

The Instant Bronzing Gel: Since returning from my holiday, I have desperately wanted to maintain my Ibiza glow and despite peeling a little, I have managed to hold on to it a little longer by topping up the bronze with a self tanner. The Instant bronze gel containing vitamin E and aloe is scented like marzipan and is a delight to apply. The smooth, gel is applied using a glove or tanning mitten and blends evenly into the skin producing an instant glow.I like to build upon my tan by using the product intermittently. The colour pay off is lovely, a subtle bronze shade that leaves the skin moisturised and fades naturally.

The Very Gentle Cleansing Cream: I have started to develop a little penchant for cleanser and this offering from Trilogy doesn't disappoint. Ideal for those with sensitive skin and easily irritated eyes this cleanser thoroughly removes impurities without harshly removing the natural oils of the skin. If i'm honest, it's probably a little too gentle for me and I don't usually choose cream cleansers - I like a bit of abrasion and substance however, the Very Gentle Cleansing Cream is an incredibly soothing formula.

The Certified Organic Rosehip Oil: Trilogy tell me that this is a celebrity and even royal skincare staple and I can see from visible results on my own skin, why. I use my oil after cleansing and use it mainly on my face. It can also be used on scars, stretch marks and other skin concerns such as dehydrated and ageing skin. I started using my Rosehip Oil to tackle my extremely dehydrated skin. Working in an air conditioned office all day, my skin is terribly try. A few drops of the Rosehip oil is enough to transform my lack-lustre skin to bright and supple. Made up of 80% omega 3 and omega 9 content, this product also makes for a beautiful base for make-up!



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This week i've had the lurgy that visits me almost every September. Starting with a sore throat leading to gallons of snot and a banging headache. When I was at school I would call it 'my back to school aversion' but these days when you're not ruled by September term there's not much excuse. Plenty of Lemsip has helped though FYI.

I've been buying small green shrubs like there's no tomorrow, Lidl have a 99p offer on and i've found my window sill acquiring more and more plants. Despite looking pretty I like the thought of having something living in my flat - I really want a pet but with the amount of travelling I do it wouldn't be fair on the creature therefore a plant will have to do. 

This weekend has been the epitome of chiller, having found myself on Bold Street tucking into a delicious meal at Nolita Cantina complete with candlelight and a glass of bubbles in Bar Bodega obviously today has been spent chipping away at a mountain of work (is this pile ever going to go down?) and chores. Fun. But laundry needs moving and the bin bag needs taking out oh adult life HA.

Digging on: 'Big apple red' nail polish by Nails Inc, Miniature shrubs Copper ombre hair.



Taking a break from more Autumn appropriate outfits and skipping back to warmer temperatures when a summer dress and bangles were all I needed. I had a few days in Ibiza this summer and I figured it was the perfect place to raid my 'boho' wardrobe, clash some colours and play with prints.

Outfit 1: I've had the turquoise mini dress for years buying it sometime in 2009 from Miss Selfridge. I spotted my girl crush at the time, Vanessa Hudgens wearing something similar and I knew I had to follow suit. I'm wearing it with a multi coloured necklace that I found in Ibiza old town and a pair of circular frames with rose tinted lenses which were also acquired whilst I was away. On my feet I have a pair of embellished sandals from 'Butterfly' by Matthew Williamson.

Outfit 2: You can probably tell by my pasty legs that this was one of the first OOTN pictures I had taken. I wore my old faithful denim shorts from Topshop with a rather floral top from Primark and a tasselled shawl from Matalan. My headband is from Primark and as you can see was a firm favourite throughout the week! The necklace i'm wearing is from Topshop, my fringed bag is from River Island and I wore the same shoes as in the previous image. 

Outfit 3: Ah I love this dress from Band of Gypsies (But bought from TK Maxx) the funky print of the green palm trees clash wonderfully with the spectrum of burnt orange shades. My accessories are the same as in the previous images.

Outfit 4: Again, i'm wearing my Matalan shawl, pairing it with last summers fashion favourite, a maxi dress from Zara that I like to tie at the sides. My headband and sunglasses are the same as the accessories worn previously.



On Saturday morning I was up bright and early to visit the new Liverpool branch of Rush Hair. The salon had opened the doors that morning to their first branch outside of London and South East.

Liverpool is infamous for its hair and beauty loving 'Scouse Birds' who are always immaculately groomed, therefore it is not surprising as to why the Rush team decided to expand their brand into Merseyside. 

Having had a Hollyoaks infused press launch the night before, I headed into the salon to find it a hive of activity and excitement. I was introduced to stylist Tom who whizzed me over to a chair and got to work on my mop. If you're a long time reader of my blog, you'll have seen my many hair colours evolving over the years however, I am back to being a red head.

As my hair is currently at that 'awkward length' Tom and I decided that a nourishing treatment and colour refresh would keep me from doing anything crazy with my hair until it has grown out passed my collarbone. Within a matter of minutes a teapot brewing hot breakfast tea and a Lindt chocolate had appeared and Tom was mixing my 'glossing'* shade 5.66 'Light Red Brown' and had decided that a Keratase ' Fusio Dose'* treatment was the ticket to luscious hair.

Having had the colour applied, I sifted through the fresh pile of glossy magazines before 20 minutes passed and I whisked into the beautifully, ambient rinsing room. Seperated from the main styling area and calmly lit, Tom rinsed my colour, shampooed my hair, treated me to a lovely head massage before applying the Kerastase spray treatment. 

I've never been a fan of blow dries, bouncy curls just aren't my thing and my super straight hair never holds the shape for more than an hour. Tom pivoted my opinion and styled my hair perfectly, accentuating the longer length and shaping the shorter pieces.

The glossing colour is the perfect shade for Autumn, steered away from the artificial reds that I would choose in the past, the shade is a perfect red for a dark brunette. It's spicy, dimensional and shiny. The treatment has also revitalised my colour after a battering in Ibiza and of course previous neglect. I couldn't be happier with the result. A huge thankyou to Tom from the new Rush, Liverpool salon.



I've never really jumped on the celebrity fragrance band wagon, I think the last celebrity scent I owned was when I was 13 and a lad from school bought me 'Stunning' by Katie Price as a Valentine's day present. I've always very much been a 'Cinema' from YSL gal. I recently was introduced to Rihanna's new fragrance 'RiRi'

RiRi is described as a flirt scent made up of passion fruit, rum cassis and mandarin layered over Japanese honeysuckle, vanilla, musk and sandalwood. A much more feminine scent than Rihanna's previous scent 'Rogue'  which was more musky and woody. I prefer RiRi by a long shot, it's flirty and fresh - the perfect daytime scent which I have been wearing everyday. 

Housed in a beautiful glass bottle which is both robust and weighted, the pink potion looks pretty elegant sat on my perfume shelf. 

RiRi by Rihanna Eau de Parfum is available now in Superdrug stores nationwide and online at


THE WEEK #37 2015

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This week has been one for adjusting back to normality and settling into a new routine. The Autumn wardrobe was slung open to reveal all my favourite colours, plum, gold, orange and red!

Friday saw me attending my first racing event at Chester, as part of a company strategy day with work we were treated to a day at the races. With a bucketload of champagne, good company and some rather questionable betting tips, the one horse I bet on came last so I gave up to go find a cocktail. As part of the strategy I was nominated as 'Best Newcomer' to the company, which after 4 months is amazing I couldn't believe it. I entered my job very fresh out of uni and never expected to have grown as much as I have in the short time i've been there, here's to the next four months.

Never one to wear something conventional and despite being told I looked like i'd had a car crash with Mel B, I wore a leopard print shift dress from Primark with an embellished sequin waistcoat, cherry red blazer and my trusty, leopard print faux fur shoe boots which I bought some 11 years ago and they're still going strong.

Yesterday I visited the brand new RUSH hair salon that has just opened up in Liverpool City Centre, where I refreshed my current hair colour for Autumn and indulged with a wonderful treatment - more on that this Thursday. That night I headed to the cinema to see the new 'Legend' film which features Tom Hardy as the notorious Kray Twins, which I definitely recommend giving it a watch if you like films such as Lock Stock and Layer Cake.

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If there's two thing I love it's perfume and heavy, tactile packaging. All of the above is included in the latest offering from Michael Kors. The latest chapter of the Michael Kors fragrance line explores The gold collection* reflecting the luxury of three prized metals, white gold, rose gold and 24k. 

I have been alternating between the three distinctive fragrances since over the last of the late summer and in particular whilst in Ibiza a few weeks ago. 

"There is nothing sexier than a woman with a beautiful glow after an amazing vacation and nothing complements that glow better than a hint of fragrance that feels just as opulent and glamorous."
- Michael Kors 

The scents are all very distinctive, 'White luminous gold' is my absolute favourite - it is made up of pear, jasmine and amber and gives for a very sensual, evening scent. '24k brilliant gold' is Elliot's favourite, it is feminine and seductive made up of orange mandarin, florals and a hint of woodiness - this is a lovely special occasion scent. Finally, Rose radiant gold' is the perfect daytime scent it infuses spice with florals and musk giving for even more femininity. 

The gilded metal packaging of the fragrances look awesome on my perfume shelf, they radiate independent woman with their tough packaging and feminine scents. 



As much as I love a bold, statement neck piece there is something so elegant about a dainty jewel on a thin chain sat against the skin. I've recently been enjoying layering delicate necklaces for a more sophisticated look.

I've talked about my sideways cross before but I haven't shown you my latest muse from Nowseen. The Lunar necklaceis made with a green amethyst stone which in some ways reminds me of my eye colour early on a morningwhen they are caught between a watery greeny/grey/blue shade.

Presented in a gold setting with a unique black chain, this necklace is a favourite of Look magazine. The brand focuses on jewellery made with real gemstones and precious metals and use only ethically sourced materials. 



Whenever I told friends, family or colleagues that I was headed to the island of Ibiza for my summer holiday, a few people would look at me blankly and say things along the lines of: "Aren't you over your clubbing days?" or "I didn't expect you to want to go there." There is so much more to Ibiza than the hardcore clubs and celebrity spotting.

I was quite taken aback by the liberal, bohemian culture of the island, particularly out of the resorts and into Ibiza town. There were flee markets sprawling down every winding street and the scent of incense filled the air. I paid a visit to the infamous Punta Arabi 'Hippy Market' which has been situated near Es Canar since 1973. Funnily enough my Mum paid a visit there some 20 odd years ago and I had no idea we were walking the same dirt tracks. I found myself in a haven of trinkets.

From the Hippy market I bought two bangles, both antique gold - one with embellishment and the other with jet black stones. I found myself attracted to a brightly coloured multi strand necklace complete with tassels and charms. I also bought a wooden vial of rose oil which not only looks pretty awesome against my more traditional glass bottled perfumes, but it also smells ah-mazing.

Down at the beach, a lot of people who were camping nearby were sat on beautiful cotton sheets in jewel tones colours and adorned in ethnic patterns. I knew that a similar style sheet would look nice on my sofa and when I found the perfect style it was quickly taken down to the beach at nighttime, to sip Sangria on and listen to the waves.

I am a big fan of incense and usually have a few sticks burning when i'm home. I stumbled across a burnt orange box contained sticks scented with Myrrh, white rose and Frankincense. I have to say, they smell delicious!

I really loved the laid back vibe of Ibiza and every-time I look at my little treasures they remind me of such a chiller holiday now that the Autumn rain has set in!


THE WEEK #36 2015

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Monday started with one half of the day soaking up the sun on and riding the choppy waves and the other spent watching an electrical storm from a quaint restaurant in Dalt Villa, Ibiza. By Tuesday I was back down to earth with a bang, a horrendous over tax bill, hundreds of emails to sift through and a suitcase arriving off the belt ripped to shreds. 

I had a wonderful time in the sun though, sipping Sangria, watching the moon from the beach and attempting to switch lobster red for Mediterranean tan. There will be a few posts popping up here and there over the coming week about my time in Ibiza and how it surprised me in every-way.

The weekend my parents came up to very kindly help me put the icing on my 'moving-into-a-new-flat' cake. My dad, despite a suspected broken rib built me some wardrobes to house the clothes that have been sat in bin bags at my parents house for nearly a year. The trinkets that once adorned my childhood bedroom have found a new home in my new place and I have to say it feels like i've jumped the moving out gap fully. 

Last night my parents, along with Elliot and I headed to Lark Lane in Liverpool for some tasty Greek cuisine at Cypriana. I highly recommend it for delicious, authentic Greek cuisine as our empty plates confirmed.

Today marks the start of a new long distance relationship chapter opening *le sigh* but this time around (three years to the day from the last time!) i'm remaining positive, learning from the mistakes I made in the past and trusting myself that I can look after my self and it only takes me to make me truly happy. With that, let's see how the first week goes.



You may have seen a few sunshine spilled pictures popping up on my Instagram featuring my recent holiday to Ibiza. I spent a good chunk of my holiday wandering the streets of the old town soaking up the culture, dipping in and out of bohemian bars and wandering the jewellery markets. 

For my visit to 'Dalt Villa' I wore my favourite lace two piece from Luxemme - the fashion brand that combines Parisian chic with Manchester street style. Made in Manchester, Luxemme fuses classic cuts, staple pieces and edgy looks with an affordable price tag to create a style that has 'Hollie' written all over it (And we all know that i'll never wear anything boring.)
As a treat Luxemme are offering you lovely lot 10% off your order with the code: HOLLIE-782881 
As we move into my favourite season, Autumn I have my eye on 'Alayna' the perfect boho chic two piece.



Four more days meant four more outfits. This week I have reshuffled my wardrobe to accommodate more of my Autumn attire (although, this summer it's never really been put away!) As you read this i'll hopefully have been sipping a cocktail and soaking up to sun in an attempt to return from holiday with some colour!

Outfit 1:A staple outfit for when I have nothing else to wear, throw on a pair of black, skinny Joni jeans, a black shirt from Primark and my trusty leopard print cardigan from TK Maxx. I layered my Zara waistcoat over the top for some extra sparkle and positioned my favourite, Topshop charm chain over the lot. 

Outfit 2: A bit of a mix match outfit, my dress is from Primark layered over a plain grey tee from H+M. I wore this with black tights and my leopard print ankle boots. On this particular day I wore my denim jacket but it also looks good with a leather jacket.

Outfit 3: I love this baroque print top from River Island it originally had fringing down the front, but an incident with a pair of tights and tumble drier said a firm goodbye to the tassels. I wore a white, crocheted cardigan and black skinny jeans, again with my Topshop charm necklace.

Outfit 4: For a day when something smarter was required. I wore a black and white peplum top from Topshop over the infamous Zara, gold studded shirt. My trousers are faux leather from River Island and on my feet I wore my Dr Martens. 

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