It's a shame that I don't have killer talons to paint beautiful colours on to. Instead stubby fingers is how I roll. Nail biting was a habit I kicked through the ages of 16-18 and then the stresses of university loomed and my mingy fingers re-appeared.

In a bid to stop nibbling, I like to keep my 'nails' painted a pretty colour. As you all probably know already, Autumn colour palettes are my favourites and it is the perfect time of year to sport them in nail polish shades. 

'St Martin's Lane' by Nails Inc is a beautiful magenta purple that I like to wear on my toes. It's in the old school packaging and i'm not entirely sure that it's available in the new packaging. I think the most similar shade is 'Marylebone Court' if you like the shade.

'Regent Street' is again old Nails Inc branding but the colour is beautiful, a warm reddish brown that is most similar to 'Tate' in the new branding. 

I've talked about 'Chameleon Copper' by HEMA a few times before and it's clear to see why. It's the perfect 'oil spill' shade that looks great on shorter nails. My fourth pick is a beautiful sunrise orange from London Girl which I like to wear with a gold accent nail. 

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