Since hitting my 20's i've been investing more and more interest in better quality skincare and the benefits of using products made up of premium ingredients. I was recently introduced to Trilogy* a natural skincare brand hailing from New Zealand, available in the UK.

The founders of Trilogy Catherine de Groot and Sarah Gibbs jumped on an opportunity to bridge the gap between performance and natural skincare.

I have recently been trialling three products from Trilogy including their 'Certified Organic Rose Hip oil' hero product which has reportedly attracted the attention of Kate Middleton and Victoria Beckham.

The Instant Bronzing Gel: Since returning from my holiday, I have desperately wanted to maintain my Ibiza glow and despite peeling a little, I have managed to hold on to it a little longer by topping up the bronze with a self tanner. The Instant bronze gel containing vitamin E and aloe is scented like marzipan and is a delight to apply. The smooth, gel is applied using a glove or tanning mitten and blends evenly into the skin producing an instant glow.I like to build upon my tan by using the product intermittently. The colour pay off is lovely, a subtle bronze shade that leaves the skin moisturised and fades naturally.

The Very Gentle Cleansing Cream: I have started to develop a little penchant for cleanser and this offering from Trilogy doesn't disappoint. Ideal for those with sensitive skin and easily irritated eyes this cleanser thoroughly removes impurities without harshly removing the natural oils of the skin. If i'm honest, it's probably a little too gentle for me and I don't usually choose cream cleansers - I like a bit of abrasion and substance however, the Very Gentle Cleansing Cream is an incredibly soothing formula.

The Certified Organic Rosehip Oil: Trilogy tell me that this is a celebrity and even royal skincare staple and I can see from visible results on my own skin, why. I use my oil after cleansing and use it mainly on my face. It can also be used on scars, stretch marks and other skin concerns such as dehydrated and ageing skin. I started using my Rosehip Oil to tackle my extremely dehydrated skin. Working in an air conditioned office all day, my skin is terribly try. A few drops of the Rosehip oil is enough to transform my lack-lustre skin to bright and supple. Made up of 80% omega 3 and omega 9 content, this product also makes for a beautiful base for make-up!

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