I hate to sound like everybody else when I say this but I really do love Autumn. Born in the Autumn (Weirdly November is still technically Autumn) I start to look forward to my favourite season mid August time, anticipating the rusty coloured leaves, unpredictable weather and that extra layer to keep you snuggly - Desperately trying not to be cliche and mentioning Pumpkin Spice Latte's.

My latest wardrobe musing is a light jacket from Primark. My camera sadly hasn't picked up the richness of the burgundy coat - instead making it look a little browner. In real life it's the same colour as my hair a rich plum shade with a spicy maroon fur stole. The jacket itself has a zip fastening with a tie and buttons to keep the heat in. I have been wearing my Autumn jacket with ankle boots -you can find me musing about more of my favourite Autumn jackets here.

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