The last day of September marks another monthly beauty favourites post. As we delve deeper into Autumn and Winter looms ever closer here are selection of beauty bits and pieces that i've been using over the last 4-5 weeks.

Fake it 'till you make it: My natural sun tan has been fading considerably as the month has progressed and in a bid to keep the glow i've been using the Instant Bronzing Gel* by Trilogy Skincare. The light weight gel that is scented distinctly like marzipan and leaves the skin instantly glowing upon application. The formula can also be built up over several days to provide a deeper glow.

Upping my brow game: I have been in desperate need for a brow palette for some time now. Using the darkest shade in my w7 'In the city palette' just wasn't giving me the full effect. I needed to up my brow game considerably. I have the brunette kit but there is also one for the blondies out there. The palette comes with three matte shadows, an angled brush and a setting gel - all for under a fiver.

Achieving pearly whites: I was recently introduced to the Arm and Hammer, Advanced white toothpaste* - made with baking soda the formula gives you that gritty just-left-the-dentist sensation which some may find a bit strange but I personally really like it. The toothpaste has kept my teeth free from chain brew staining whilst keeping my breath nice and fresh (always a plus.)

The sweetest scent: It's been a while since i've found a scent that truly makes me coo. 'White luminous gold'* by Michael Kors is a beautiful feminine scent made up of pear, jasmine and amber giving for a sensual scent. If you're passing an MK beauty counter, I highly recommend giving it a sniff.

Bordeaux nails: I have been wearing 'St Martin's lane' by Nails Inc all month, I love the beautiful damson shade and luckily for me, it looks pretty awesome on shorter nails too. Unfortunately I have the old packaging and within the new Nails Inc rebrand, the shade is similar to 'Marylebone Place.'

Blemish Busting: Concealer is a tricky one for me as I usually have a raging, red boil on my face that needs covering three-four times a day. I tend to get on best with concealers with a thick consistency however, the 'Smart Shade Concealer' by Almay is an oil based concealer that blends beautifully with the skin upon application. 

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