THE WEEK #36 2015

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Monday started with one half of the day soaking up the sun on and riding the choppy waves and the other spent watching an electrical storm from a quaint restaurant in Dalt Villa, Ibiza. By Tuesday I was back down to earth with a bang, a horrendous over tax bill, hundreds of emails to sift through and a suitcase arriving off the belt ripped to shreds. 

I had a wonderful time in the sun though, sipping Sangria, watching the moon from the beach and attempting to switch lobster red for Mediterranean tan. There will be a few posts popping up here and there over the coming week about my time in Ibiza and how it surprised me in every-way.

The weekend my parents came up to very kindly help me put the icing on my 'moving-into-a-new-flat' cake. My dad, despite a suspected broken rib built me some wardrobes to house the clothes that have been sat in bin bags at my parents house for nearly a year. The trinkets that once adorned my childhood bedroom have found a new home in my new place and I have to say it feels like i've jumped the moving out gap fully. 

Last night my parents, along with Elliot and I headed to Lark Lane in Liverpool for some tasty Greek cuisine at Cypriana. I highly recommend it for delicious, authentic Greek cuisine as our empty plates confirmed.

Today marks the start of a new long distance relationship chapter opening *le sigh* but this time around (three years to the day from the last time!) i'm remaining positive, learning from the mistakes I made in the past and trusting myself that I can look after my self and it only takes me to make me truly happy. With that, let's see how the first week goes.

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