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This week i've had the lurgy that visits me almost every September. Starting with a sore throat leading to gallons of snot and a banging headache. When I was at school I would call it 'my back to school aversion' but these days when you're not ruled by September term there's not much excuse. Plenty of Lemsip has helped though FYI.

I've been buying small green shrubs like there's no tomorrow, Lidl have a 99p offer on and i've found my window sill acquiring more and more plants. Despite looking pretty I like the thought of having something living in my flat - I really want a pet but with the amount of travelling I do it wouldn't be fair on the creature therefore a plant will have to do. 

This weekend has been the epitome of chiller, having found myself on Bold Street tucking into a delicious meal at Nolita Cantina complete with candlelight and a glass of bubbles in Bar Bodega obviously today has been spent chipping away at a mountain of work (is this pile ever going to go down?) and chores. Fun. But laundry needs moving and the bin bag needs taking out oh adult life HA.

Digging on: 'Big apple red' nail polish by Nails Inc, Miniature shrubs Copper ombre hair.

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