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This week has been of travel, UK travel that is as I found myself on a train snaking down the country to the south. Yesterday was spent soaking up the last of the seasonal sun in Brighton - one of my favorite places long before it became a blogger hotspot. After a rather embarrassing parking incident at the beginning of the day, the rest of the morning was spent indulging in fish and chips on the infamous pebbled beach. Bliss.

As the afternoon passed by we headed to one of my favourite spots in Brighton, the North Laine, A vibrant and eclectic mix of vintage clothes stores and antique stores I scoured Snoopers and raided Boho. A stop at Wai Kika Moo Kau for a delicious chai smoothie had to be made before diving back into the bustle.

At sunset we sat on the beach, watching the sun disappear behind the old, burnt out pier s I huddled into my faux fur bomber jacket (more on that soon) a lovely mellow feeling came over me in's true i'm happiest by the sea.

Today is an incredibly lazy Sunday, it started with a delicious full English breakfast which of course is an unbeatable start to any day. Before heading back to Liverpool tonight a scrumptious roast dinner is to made and devoured.

Diggin on Alexa Chung covering Stevie Nicks' 'Blue Jeans' - Cheese and chorizo toasties and the smell of fresh sea air.

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