The end of October? How can it be!? I guess I should start by saying Happy Halloween one of my favourite nights of the year alongside Bonfire night which is also coming up shortly. This month I have upped my red hair game, invested in my skincare (I know you're looking at the wipes there thinking waaaah?) and continued to become a magpie sourcing out shiny things.

Hair: Since I decided to become a full time redhead once more I have tried to lay off the harsh dyes by keeping my red vibrant with the new Colour On toner. I'd say this product is extremlety similar to the Directions Paint Pots  which i've sworn by for years. The cooling, gel formula is applied to damp hair, left for 30 minutes and rinsed leaving super red locks as a result.

Skin: If you watched my skincare routine you'll have seen me using the KORE Pearl 'Intensive Serum' which is the most intensive repairing formula i've ever used. Containing hero skincare ingredient 'Hyaluronic Acid' it's a great product for combatting the signs of premature ageing as well as tackling any skin complaints one may have.

Make-up: I was really impressed when I first discovered Aldi's beauty range 'Lacura'  for extremely budget friendly products the quality of the formulas is awesome. This month I rediscovered their 'Wonder Curl' mascara which features a curved and to help dig the formula deep into the lash root to achieve super lengthy lashes with lots of definition and curl.

Nails: I couldn't possibly talk about my October monthly favourites without mentioning my show stopping nail polish from HEMA. 'Chameleon Green' is the most beautiful iridescent shade that I can only describe as a mermaid in a bottle. The staying power is awesome and the pearl finish makes short, stubby nails like mine look healthy and longer.

Skin: Don't worry, I didn't just tell you i'd invested in my skincare and then tell you about some make-up wipes! I have been using the Primark oil balancing facial wipes after a workout at the gym as they are just so darn refreshing and exactly what my beetroot flushed face needs after an hour on the stepper. Since giving my face a little wipe after a gym session i've noticed far fewer break-outs along my hairline.

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If you've been reading GGMH for a while you'll be familiar with my love for KORE Skincare an Australian brand that launched here in the UK earlier this year.

When I was first introduced to the brand I wrote individual reviews of all of their skincare products which you can find here if you're interested. Having started using the full range to help my skin become more settled, I decided that it might be fun to show you my everyday skincare routine and include it within a brief snippet of my day. As some of you may know I have dabbled with Youtube since 2010 so it was fun to create some video content again. 

I wasn't paid to create this video I just really love the brand and since reading more and more about tailored skincare and the benefits of using anti-ageing products early on, I have incorporated the rich KORE products into my routine and my skin has never looked more radiant and clear to the point where friends and family have asked me what i've been using because of how perky my skin looks. As someone prone to blemishes and dark circles these compliments were certainly very welcome!

KORE Skincare is made up of natural ingredients including Bovine Colostrum, a powerful bioactive concentrate that improves the functioning of the immune system as well as being chemical and paraben free...and most importantly for me, it is not tested on animals.

And though I love it all, my three stand out products are the Pearl intensive serum, Pearl Optimal Repair Cream and the Foaming Cleanser (Don't be off put my the name, no over drying foamey formula here!)

If KORE has taken your fancy...You can find everything you need to know about the brand and products here.



I was recently introduced to the Tune Hotel concept whereby rooms are minimally priced yet finished to a basic though high quality standard. A branch of the Tune Hotel has opened recently on Castle Street here in Liverpool and I was very kindly invited down to spend one night* experiencing the idea. 

Tune Hotels ethos is to provide hotels in central locations with 5 star beds and powerful hot showers in a secure and clean environment. I arrived at the space to be greeted by a very cheery receptionist who gave me a quick run through about the hotel and the information about my room. I was staying in room 503, a double room with a window looking onto the Liver building. I have to say the hotel is positioned in a brilliant location a stones through from the Liverpool One/ Church Street shopping hubs and of course the Albert Dock and waterfront. 

My room was spotless when I arrived and I was really impressed with the automatic heating/ air conditioning unit that adjusted the temperature of the room accordingly. After unpacking my overnight bag I jumped onto the large, comfy  bed (it was literally like a marshmallow) and popped Corrie on the large, HD screen. 

The general idea is that the hotel room is sold to you at a set price for the basic amenities, optional add ons such as towels are £2.50 per towel and toiletries (Which smell ah-mazing and are by Prija which are pretty standard in hotels but lovely quality.) The television add on is £5 for 24 hours, £9 for 72 hours and £14.00 for unlimited access. The wifi £5 for 24 hours or £9.00 for 72 hours and is super speedy though a long and laborious form has to be filled out in order to be hooked up. An in room safe is £3.50 and the hairdryer £2.50 once activated for your entire stay. Other services include a travel adapter and printing service.

I have to say, the hotel was quiet and the bed was literally one of the comfiest beds i've ever slept on. One of my only reservations (see what I did there ;) ) is that there are no tea/coffee making facilities that can be added on...Drinks and snacks are available to purchase from reception but it's nice on a morning to make a brew. I also think the cost can easily be bumped up to a fair old amount with the add ons and necessities such as no towels as standard can catch people out.

Overall, I have to say that for savvy, budget travellers the Tune Hotel is one of the best i've stayed in. If you want basic but clean and modern then i'd high recommend trying the concept out.


THE WEEK #43 2015

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This week has mainly been spent with the nearest and dearest.

  * Spending a night in the Liverpool Tune hotel - more on this next week.

  * Experimenting with vampy make-up.

 * Spending the afternoon in hysterics with my Grandma and Grandad.

 * Tucking into a delicious paella at my Mum and Dads house.

 * Attending a family Christening and catching up with family.

 * Enjoying a filthy kebab, cheap alcohol and Gogglebox. #Fridaynights

 * Sunday morning spent tucking into a full English.

 * Feeling the pinch of Autumn.

 * Being disappointed when I bought purple hair dye that came out brown!



In my eyes, metallic is having a moment. I unintentionally ended up purchasing two pretty shiny items without noting my magpie tendencies.

The loafers are from Zara and were bought as a little treat for myself for hitting a pretty awesome milestone. I had seen The Persian Babe Instagram the same style in black and they do look super awesome in a darker shade but the Edina Monsoon in me really wanted the shiny, silver pair. It's just a shame that they've tried to murder my heels as with all hard back leather shoes.

The dress was from a Dorothy Perkins outlet and I snapped it up with a damage discount. Yes, it's a sequin dress which means many have already fallen off, but I barely notice the gaps. This is a long, shapeless dress that sits right on the knee - a cut that can be quite tricky to style. I wear mine with the metallic flats but if you're slightly shorter in height, definitely try it with a pair of heels.


[After applying Colour on, rinsing and leaving hair to dry naturally]

Whenever i'm pulled to Superdrug by my addiction to hair dye, I always try to lessen the blow by picking up a conditioner, or a new heat protectant anything to stop colour chemicals being applied to my scalp and hair. As you all know I have a serious problem with hair colouring and I would go as far as saying I have somewhat of a problem that needs addressing.

On one of my episodes a few weeks ago, I found myself in the hair dye aisle with a box of red dye in my hand. Whilst scouring the shelves I discovered the Colour On Semi permanent hair toner collection which is new to Superdrug. Intrigued, I was eager to learn more and picked up the red variant (There's a toner for brunette and blonde hair also.) The box states that the product has no ammonia or peroxide and is gentle on the hair.

That night I followed the instructions on the box which was the apply the formula to shampooed hair, though next time for an even more vibrant result i'm tempted to apply it to dry hair as instructed by every hair dresser i've ever met. I left the product on for 40 mins before rinsing.

I was really pleased with the result which left me with a plummy, pink toned all over red which has lasted all week without any major fading. I really love the product but I have one criticism, it retails at around £7 and is essentially a tubed version of the infamous Directions Paint Pots which you can pick up for as little as £1. With this in mind, I probably wouldn't buy this toner again but i'm certainly glad that I gave it a try as one tube has lasted me over three weeks already.


THE WEEK #42 2015

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* Opening my eyes on Monday morning to a dark, cold morning.

* Walking for the bus and wishing i'd chosen a thicker, snugglier coat.

* Catching up with an old work colleague and friend over Mexican beer...Lime included obvs.

* Receiving a welcomed pick me up at work.

* Discovering a my fitness levels have improved dramatically since pushing myself at the gym.

* Catching up with a friend over Carbonara and Haagen Dazs.

* Feeling pleased with GGMH's new minimal theme.

* Getting my mittens on the most snug throw for my bed.

* Finally watching 'About Bruce.'

* Re obsessing with the Kardashians as a result.

* Ordering pizza and setting the world to rights with my best friend.

* Purchasing the perfect jewel toned dress for a Christening.

* Indulging in free samples of sausage in town with a chum.

* Having the weekly catch up with my Grandma.

* Enjoying a long lie in.

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Jewellery. Ah I love it, the more outrageous the better. I've been sporting the same pieces for a few weeks now therefore I figured it was time to introduce you all. There's a defined colour theme that's for certain with an array of antique gold and a 70's earthy colour palette.

My watch is a cheap number from Primark, Aside from the classic looking faux leather strap, I love the face which incorporates a floral pattern in burgundy and gold. I think it was only about £3 so an absolute bargain. 

The brown stone ring is from Primark and came in a pack of 5 which are all in stock now it sits as more of a finger cuff than a ring. 

My bracelets are a little assortment from the Hippy Market in Ibiza thrown together with a few I received as gifts or found in the charity shop. 

The necklace is a firm favourite from Topshop, I love the little charms that sit on the chain and it sits nicely on dark knitwear. 

Finally, my earrings were a little treat from HEMA one of my favourite European stores based in Birmingham New Street station. I like how 60's they look and who can resist a cute pair of hoops?



Defining your style is a weird one isn't it? Some people fit nicely into a box, 'Scandi- chic' or distinctly 'boho' but me, i'm all over the place. With the rise of fast fashion and the rapid turn around of trends and seasons, no two outfits are ever the same. 
If you've read my blog for a little while now, you'll know that I regularly upload a series named 'Four days, four outfits' - if you fancy a nosey you can find a few here, here and here. The series documents four of my outfits that i've sported over a week. I often get comments telling me i'm brave with colour and interesting in the way I clash prints. But the truth is, I don't do it for any particular 'hey, look at me' way I just wear whatever catches my eye at 6am when I fling my wardrobe open. If that happens to be a bright pink sweater and leopard print leggings, then so be it.

This is not to say that I don't take inspiration from certain people and eras. I'm very much inspired by the witchy, boho style of Stevie Nicks, the band boy girlfriend vibe of Kate Moss and the kookiness of Fearne Cotton. I guess all of those people have in common a love for the classic rock chick look paired with a hippy vibe. 

I love faux fur, leather and sparkle. If you were to raid my wardrobe you'd find a whole host of cheap, vintage and expensive stuff but most of all you'll find colour! I really feel style erupts around your hair colour. When I was blonde, my style was very classic with lots of floral and pastel toned pieces that i'm back redhead it's more about darker, moodier shades and patterns. 


THE WEEK #41 2015

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This week I found myself catching up with friends over a 25p Burger at Byron. As part of their partnership with the 'One feeds two' campaign and the marking of a new menu... All Byron burgers for one day were 25p which allowed for more spends on fries and scrumptious chocolate milkshake! As the date marked three years since we all met, it was kind of brilliant to experience the three of us sat there catching up, no longer students and in full time work.

After treating myself to a new pair of heels (the first in three years!!) and a new dress, sneaky sneaky this weekend and a night on the town became the perfect occasion to wear them. The heels are from Office and the dress from the Topshop sale. I've been loving clothes with a 60s/70s vibe and the houndstooth print, mini dress is the perfect nod towards it.

Saturday morning was spent scouring my favourite antique shop in Liverpool, they have a cat there who is the softest, most beautiful creature who was perched in the doorway on a marble chinese dragon! He reminds me a lot of my first cat Spud a huge ball of ginger Tom loveliness. I really miss having a cat and i'm hoping sometime in the future that i'll be able to give one a loving home again.

This weekend I also switched to the dark side and ridded myself of an iphone...Instead, opting for a Samsung J5 a huge affair which I think is actually better than the Apple offering. It's amazing how much cheaper a contract is if the words i and phone aren't paired together!

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I first discovered HEMA when visiting Amsterdam last year for my 21st birthday I bought what is probably my all time favourite nail polish 'Copper chameleon'  which is a beautiful gold/bronze shade with green undertones.

A few weekends ago, I found myself in the newly refurbished, Birmingham New Street station which I might add is MEGA. I noticed that they have a HEMA and let out a squeal of happiness before rushing in like a mad woman to stock up on my favourite nail polish and nosey at other treats they have in store. 

In addition to Copper Chameleon I found another allusive and mesmerising shade which goes by the way of 'Chameleon Green' the peacock, turquoise shade is a blend of green and blue  - it's basically a mermaid in a bottle! 

The lasting power of this range is pretty darn awesome too, I usually get 6 days chip free as the formula is light and pearlescent, masking chips more effectively. 



In the five years that I have been rambling away on this little space on t'internet i've discussed all things beauty at great lengths whilst dabbling with a slice of the fashion blogging pie - It occurred to me that whilst I talk about my week every Sunday I barely talk about what makes me tick, so without further ado, here's 10 basic favourite facts. 

one.  My favourite colours are purple, red and gold. I like purple when it's a rich magenta tone and red when it's more on the orange side. Gold is just fancy.

two. My favourite book is 'The Great Gatsby' by F.Scott Fitzgerald it's a love story that doesn't have a happy ending what more could you want!

three. My favourite film if I was being deadly honest and not trying to be 'cool' is actually 'What a girl wants' with Amanda Bynes and Colin Firth. My mum aptly calls it 'The Dad film' as it's a classic Dad and daughter tale shot in London and featuring a pretty awesome soundtrack.

four. My favourite song is 'Gimme Shelter' by the Rolling Stones, it's moody and when played over the top of that scene with Sienna Miller/ Daniel Craig in Layer Cake it's pretty atmospheric and played live at Glastonbury 2013... even better.

five. My favourite soup is French Onion, it reminds me of Saturday mornings at my Grandmas house. With a block of warm, crusty bread and stringy cheese, it's the ultimate comfort blanket.

six. My favourite thing to collect is perfume... and antique teacups I know that's two choices but my love for both is equal.

seven. My favourite haunt is anywhere with an awesome antique/vintage flea market. The North Laine in Brighton, Portobello Road in London, Ibiza Town to name but a few.

eight. My favourite lipstick is 'Girl about town' by Mac it's a gorgeous punchy pink that keeps your teeth looking super pearly.

nine. My favourite animal is a cat, I just love the little chunks of fur too, too much and whilst it's sad I no longer have a pet cat in my life, poaching other peoples feline buddies is my new tactic.

ten. My favourite accessory is by far a handbag, I just love handbags any size, shape, colour - well, the more outlandish the better.


THE WEEK #40 2015

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This week has been one for celebration with some good news popping up on Thursday and a feeling that hard work really can pay off if you keep going. Besides that, it's been a quiet one, I enjoyed dinner with my friend Laura on Wednesday alongside a mammoth catch up which genuinely caused my jaw to ache.

I'm really happy that the darker nights are drawing in now and that Christmas gift guides are in the shops!!! Far too early, I know but as a Winter baby i'm starting to get excited by the allure of Halloween and the scent of bonfires.

This weekend has been spent with my boyfriends family as his sister has returned from a stint in Dubai, with cocktails and a meal in Manchester via the Alchemist and some retail therapy to help ease the snot fest I still have going on.

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I've always had an eye for jackets that are furry and oversized, in-fact the more extravagant the better. A few months ago I stumbled across TDS Hawarden, the mother and daughter fashion duo creating some of the most sought after bomber jackets around. With a feature in Teen Vogue and a sell out rate of 10 minutes, you know you're onto something exciting with The Design Studio.

TDS launch a select few exclusive, one off designs and once released they are almost like gold dust to get your mittens on. I've tried on a few occasions to bag myself a bomber only to have somebody pip me to the checkout! 

If you like the look of the jackets I strongly recommend following TDS on Instagram to see when new collections are dropping and if you see a style you like, click buy immediately.

My jacket is the HYDREF. A beautiful mix of faux fur in my favourite colours brown, grey, orange, lilac and black. As soon as I saw the jacket had landed I knew that it has my name written all over it... When I wear it I feel like a cat crossed with an owl and when paired with antique rings, tortoiseshell rimmed glasses and a plain black tee and skinny jeans it looks even more incredible.

This bomber jacket is the perfect Autumn wardrobe accompaniment, the fur keeps you nice and snug whilst looking incredibly stylish.

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