In the five years that I have been rambling away on this little space on t'internet i've discussed all things beauty at great lengths whilst dabbling with a slice of the fashion blogging pie - It occurred to me that whilst I talk about my week every Sunday I barely talk about what makes me tick, so without further ado, here's 10 basic favourite facts. 

one.  My favourite colours are purple, red and gold. I like purple when it's a rich magenta tone and red when it's more on the orange side. Gold is just fancy.

two. My favourite book is 'The Great Gatsby' by F.Scott Fitzgerald it's a love story that doesn't have a happy ending what more could you want!

three. My favourite film if I was being deadly honest and not trying to be 'cool' is actually 'What a girl wants' with Amanda Bynes and Colin Firth. My mum aptly calls it 'The Dad film' as it's a classic Dad and daughter tale shot in London and featuring a pretty awesome soundtrack.

four. My favourite song is 'Gimme Shelter' by the Rolling Stones, it's moody and when played over the top of that scene with Sienna Miller/ Daniel Craig in Layer Cake it's pretty atmospheric and played live at Glastonbury 2013... even better.

five. My favourite soup is French Onion, it reminds me of Saturday mornings at my Grandmas house. With a block of warm, crusty bread and stringy cheese, it's the ultimate comfort blanket.

six. My favourite thing to collect is perfume... and antique teacups I know that's two choices but my love for both is equal.

seven. My favourite haunt is anywhere with an awesome antique/vintage flea market. The North Laine in Brighton, Portobello Road in London, Ibiza Town to name but a few.

eight. My favourite lipstick is 'Girl about town' by Mac it's a gorgeous punchy pink that keeps your teeth looking super pearly.

nine. My favourite animal is a cat, I just love the little chunks of fur too, too much and whilst it's sad I no longer have a pet cat in my life, poaching other peoples feline buddies is my new tactic.

ten. My favourite accessory is by far a handbag, I just love handbags any size, shape, colour - well, the more outlandish the better.

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