The end of October? How can it be!? I guess I should start by saying Happy Halloween one of my favourite nights of the year alongside Bonfire night which is also coming up shortly. This month I have upped my red hair game, invested in my skincare (I know you're looking at the wipes there thinking waaaah?) and continued to become a magpie sourcing out shiny things.

Hair: Since I decided to become a full time redhead once more I have tried to lay off the harsh dyes by keeping my red vibrant with the new Colour On toner. I'd say this product is extremlety similar to the Directions Paint Pots  which i've sworn by for years. The cooling, gel formula is applied to damp hair, left for 30 minutes and rinsed leaving super red locks as a result.

Skin: If you watched my skincare routine you'll have seen me using the KORE Pearl 'Intensive Serum' which is the most intensive repairing formula i've ever used. Containing hero skincare ingredient 'Hyaluronic Acid' it's a great product for combatting the signs of premature ageing as well as tackling any skin complaints one may have.

Make-up: I was really impressed when I first discovered Aldi's beauty range 'Lacura'  for extremely budget friendly products the quality of the formulas is awesome. This month I rediscovered their 'Wonder Curl' mascara which features a curved and to help dig the formula deep into the lash root to achieve super lengthy lashes with lots of definition and curl.

Nails: I couldn't possibly talk about my October monthly favourites without mentioning my show stopping nail polish from HEMA. 'Chameleon Green' is the most beautiful iridescent shade that I can only describe as a mermaid in a bottle. The staying power is awesome and the pearl finish makes short, stubby nails like mine look healthy and longer.

Skin: Don't worry, I didn't just tell you i'd invested in my skincare and then tell you about some make-up wipes! I have been using the Primark oil balancing facial wipes after a workout at the gym as they are just so darn refreshing and exactly what my beetroot flushed face needs after an hour on the stepper. Since giving my face a little wipe after a gym session i've noticed far fewer break-outs along my hairline.

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