THE WEEK #40 2015

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This week has been one for celebration with some good news popping up on Thursday and a feeling that hard work really can pay off if you keep going. Besides that, it's been a quiet one, I enjoyed dinner with my friend Laura on Wednesday alongside a mammoth catch up which genuinely caused my jaw to ache.

I'm really happy that the darker nights are drawing in now and that Christmas gift guides are in the shops!!! Far too early, I know but as a Winter baby i'm starting to get excited by the allure of Halloween and the scent of bonfires.

This weekend has been spent with my boyfriends family as his sister has returned from a stint in Dubai, with cocktails and a meal in Manchester via the Alchemist and some retail therapy to help ease the snot fest I still have going on.

Diggin on: Succulents in glass bowls | MAC 'Rebel' lipstick | Faux fur 

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