THE WEEK #41 2015

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This week I found myself catching up with friends over a 25p Burger at Byron. As part of their partnership with the 'One feeds two' campaign and the marking of a new menu... All Byron burgers for one day were 25p which allowed for more spends on fries and scrumptious chocolate milkshake! As the date marked three years since we all met, it was kind of brilliant to experience the three of us sat there catching up, no longer students and in full time work.

After treating myself to a new pair of heels (the first in three years!!) and a new dress, sneaky sneaky this weekend and a night on the town became the perfect occasion to wear them. The heels are from Office and the dress from the Topshop sale. I've been loving clothes with a 60s/70s vibe and the houndstooth print, mini dress is the perfect nod towards it.

Saturday morning was spent scouring my favourite antique shop in Liverpool, they have a cat there who is the softest, most beautiful creature who was perched in the doorway on a marble chinese dragon! He reminds me a lot of my first cat Spud a huge ball of ginger Tom loveliness. I really miss having a cat and i'm hoping sometime in the future that i'll be able to give one a loving home again.

This weekend I also switched to the dark side and ridded myself of an iphone...Instead, opting for a Samsung J5 a huge affair which I think is actually better than the Apple offering. It's amazing how much cheaper a contract is if the words i and phone aren't paired together!

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