THE WEEK #42 2015

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* Opening my eyes on Monday morning to a dark, cold morning.

* Walking for the bus and wishing i'd chosen a thicker, snugglier coat.

* Catching up with an old work colleague and friend over Mexican beer...Lime included obvs.

* Receiving a welcomed pick me up at work.

* Discovering a my fitness levels have improved dramatically since pushing myself at the gym.

* Catching up with a friend over Carbonara and Haagen Dazs.

* Feeling pleased with GGMH's new minimal theme.

* Getting my mittens on the most snug throw for my bed.

* Finally watching 'About Bruce.'

* Re obsessing with the Kardashians as a result.

* Ordering pizza and setting the world to rights with my best friend.

* Purchasing the perfect jewel toned dress for a Christening.

* Indulging in free samples of sausage in town with a chum.

* Having the weekly catch up with my Grandma.

* Enjoying a long lie in.

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