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This week has been spent...

* Thinking about the fact it was my last week being 21.

* Feeling more confident with my driving.

* Enjoying a day off work.

* Sipping cocktails and eating delicious pizza with my best friend.

* Finding the whole club scene amusing as an old bird.

* Having my car window fall off in my hand.

* Spending the day in tears and overwhelmed.

* Sitting by the roaring fire sipping a chai latte.

* Being surprised with the best birthday gift.

* Exploring the Coronation Street set at Old Granada Studios.

* Feeling the pinch of work pressure with a client.

* Enjoying pulling a pint in the Rovers Return.

* Enjoying a birthday lunch with Elliot and my parents at the Philharmonic Dining Rooms.

* Taping my window up with masking tape.

* Feeling annoyed that i'd only had my car a week and something went wrong.

* Tucking into chocolatey birthday cake.

* Feeling grateful for birthday cards and gifts from loved ones.

* Taking myself to the ASDA and stocking up on festive treats.

* Turning 22.

* Rediscovering my nose ring.

* Feeling annoyed at myself for feeling so deflated. 

* The satisfaction of cleaning my flat top to bottom.

* Learning that this will be my last year living in this particular flat.

* Knowing Elliot is a hero.

* Wondering if i'll ever be an 'independent woman.'

* Enjoying cocktails in Manchester.

* Feeling anxious about my car window.



My penchant for purple lippy is pretty prominent now as my collection grows to over 10 bullets of the stuff. With 'Heroine' from Mac my daily favourite, I wanted a more budget option for throwing in my handbag and topping up without the fear of rocketing through a £15 product.

'Vamp' by Makeup Revolution cost a quid and though it looks pretty terrifying in the bullet, it is a beautiful, sheer opiate purple that glides on the lips. The colour is build-able but I tend to wear it lighter. The shade is slightly deep in shade than Heroine but could be a useful dupe for those wanting an iconic purple lippy on a budget. 



As my hair gets redder, it has to be said that more leopard print appears. I wore all of these outfits in the same week and I hadn't notice until now that it must have been the week of dresses and the week of jewel tones! It's probably also worth mentioning that I don't wear glasses all the time, I tend to take my outfits pictures at work as the mirror in my flat is pretty rubbishy. 

Outfit One: This dress is from Zara and is a khaki / faux leather panel mix. I have to say it isn't one of my favourites as it hands quite oddly but for everyday comfort it does the job. I wore it with my Mango cardigan that i've had for years and a Topshop charm necklace. Chunky tights were the way forward with this one and on my feet have a pair of sparkly brogues. 

Outfit Two: The lighting in this one make me look chesty, hooray! Only joking i'll never be busty in my life! I'm wearing a faux suede, deep purple dress from New Look, at £10 it was an absolute bargain and you'd never know i'd spilt candle wax down the front of it thanks to a nifty trick with an iron. I'm wearing my Mango cardigan again and a pair of vintage beads that belonged to my Nana. On my feet I have some leopard print ankle boots from Zara.

Outfit Three: Oh I love this outfit and it was really thrown together! The shirt is the iconic studded collar, sheer shirt from Zara that was made 'famous' a few years ago by Louise from Made in Chelsea. I layered a leopard print skater skirt from New Look over the top and wore a skinny, patent black belt to tie the whole thing together. On my lips is Revlon ' Fire and Ice' and on my feet I wore my metallic loafers from Zara.

Outfit Four: The dress i'm wearing on the last picture is one that i've toyed with parting with for so long, but i'm glad I didn't. It is from Urban Outfitters and is a beautiful peacock green/blue. The reason it has been sat in the back of my wardrobe is because it fits strangely, the arms are tight which makes the chest area ride up when you work which is pretty annoying. Anyway, I have it on with a blue jewel necklace that belonged to my Nana and a pair of red Doc Martens to brighten up the look. 


THE WEEK #47 2015

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My week has been spent...

* Discovering AMSR videos and feeling mesmerised by such a weird concept.

* Waiting anxiously for my car to be delivered.

* Wondering if the car would make it home in one piece having never driven in a large city.

* Driving on my own for the first time in 4 years.

* Finding the petrol station stressful.

* Feeling anxious about the drive home from work in the dark.

* Making a complete boll*c*ks of a roundabout.

* Trying to find my way in torrential rain and hailstone.

* Parking up at home and thinking shit, I have to do this again tomorrow.

* Ordering BBQ ham and mushroom pizza.

* Calling Elliot for a late night pep talk. He keeps repeating: "Rome wasn't built in a day."

* Feeling touched by my colleagues kindness and words of wisdom.

* Taking Elliot out in my car for the first time.

* Painting my nails bright red for the first time in ages.

* Moving to a new desk.

* Buying some leopard print car matts.

*Wandering into town and feeling the pinch of Winter.

* Dreading roundabouts. Feeling sick when the traffic lighted roundabout wasn't functioning. 

* Buying that coat from H+M.

* Taking a road trip with my boss and actually having a nice, un awks day.

* Sizzling some sausages in a pan for a Saturday morning breakfast.

* Planning a long drive and a Winter walk on the beach.



I'm not sure if it's because i'm a Winter born baby or the fact that I suffer terribly with prickly heat and burn easily in the height of summer but I love Winter. Here i'm talking November/December Winter time (I know November is technically Autumn!) as opposed to the bleakness of January and February.

In light of the more biting weather looming here is the Winter TAG...

Favourite aspect of Winter?

I love wrapping up snuggly a long faux fur coat with a soft snood and a hat and heading out to watch the fireworks on Bonfire Night. My family have a tradition of enjoying pie and peas and toffee apples beside a roaring bonfire. I also love Winter in large cities, London especially when Winter Wonderland kicks off in Hyde Park and you can go ice skating around a brightly lit tree in South Kensington.

Favourite Winter lipstick?

For a festive, bright red I love 'Ruby Woo' by MAC and for a dark, plum shade 'Vamp' by Make-up Revolution.

Most worn Winter coat?

A big, fluffy leopard number from Primark that I bought five years ago and it's still going strong. You can find it in this post from 2012, it's coat pictured at the top.

Favourite Winter treat?

Hot chocolate with cream, marshmallows and a sneaky drop of Amaretto so that it takes like cherry bake-well tarts.

Favourite Winter candle?

DW Home Inc 'Molasses and Tobacco' it smells divine! Smokey, deep and classic.

Three Winter essentials?

- Lip balm for sore, chapped lips, I really like the Carmex tub which sits on my desk.

- An oversized coat to layer underneath and that doubles up as a blanket.

- A snood or scarf to keep your neck warm and to wrap over your mouth to stop you breathing in the cold air and getting a sore throat.

Favourite Winter nail polish?

I'm currently loving 'Rainbow Color Blast' by ORLY. It is a beautiful shimmery purple with iridescent green sparkles.



I never previously had myself down as a 'shoe gal' - Handbags most definitely but shoes, I could take 'em or leave 'em. Recently this has all changed when I realised I was wearing a hole into the same pair of black Topshop boots, Having given my shoedrobe a thorough overhaul I have a few new pieces to show you.

The leopard boots: Hailing from Zara these boots are the most comfortable footwear I own. I have strange, narrow feet with a freakishly thin and nobbly causing shoes to rub and give me blisters all over. I found this pair of faux fur boots and decided they would be the perfect Autumn treat. Great for the office and great for cocktails afterward they're my go to smart-casual pair.

The sparkly brogues: My most recent pair of shoes were instigated by my boyfriend telling me that I needed some smart brogues in my wardrobe. (Probably because I pestered him to buy some for so long.) This pair are ridiculously comfy and sway the typical school girl shoe persona in light of something more fun and jazzy. You know me, anything but the norm! I wear these bad boys mostly for work as I think they're the perfect mix of 'looking-like-you-made-an-effort' and looking quirky.

The metallic loafers: I know you will have seen these shiny shoes a few weeks ago but they deserve a mention as I have been wearing them loads. They are one of the most uncomfortable pairs of shoes that I own, again due to the nobbly feet and hard leather backs. They've also ripped where my foot bends and I had to use kids PVA glue to seal the metallic coating back on. (Knew I should have bought the safe black pair!) Again, they are from Zara. 

The stompin' heels: As a flats over heels kinda gal, I have been rockin' these platform wedges for when I need to look a little more dressy and dare I say it...girly! They are from Aldo and are ridiculously comfortable with a soft, spongey sole and sturdy platform. I love the buckle/stud detail too for a bit of sassyness.


THE WEEK #46 2015

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* Scouring Auto Trader for hours to find a car.

* Buying a car omfg.

* Rediscovering my love for Crazy Color semi permanent hair colour.

* Feeling deeply unsettled by the events in Paris.

* Delving deep into the late 80's early 90's with documentaries about Factory Records. I watched '24 hour party people' followed by a great BBC film and a must see for pop music culture lover about the rise of 'Madchester' which you can watch here.

* Rediscovering my love for Joy Division and the dark lyrics of 'Love will tear us apart.' 

*  Enjoying a proper lie in, the first in months.

* Getting grumpy with the state of my wardrobe and clearing out to produce a huge bag of clothes for charity.

* Feeling nervous about taking to the road again.

* Dabbling with fake tan for the first time in months.



When it comes to sparkly things i'm a magpie swooping in and hurrying the item to the till in quick time. I spotted this Orly 'Color Blast' nail polish in TK Maxx lurking behind a number of other Autumn appropriate shades. For £2.99 I figured it was an absolute steal and purchased it immediately.

The shade is 'Rainbow Color Flip' and whilst I don't have beautifully manicured nails to model it on, I hope that these photos do the shimmery purple (with a green tinge) justice. As I always say, iridescent shades look the most beautiful on shorter, stumpy nails like mine, giving for an elongated look. 

The formula of this one is quite sheer and the shade takes 3-4 coats to become fully opaque. Chipping power is pretty good too, i've been hammering my keyboard for a week chip free. The formula dries pretty quickly too which is ideal for when your nails need some attention and you're in a rush.



I can't tell you how much I love Autumn. I know the season has become 'en Vogue' with an endorsement from some of the most influential Youtuber's around however, they are truly on to something as there is something so comforting about a nip in the air and  leaves on the ground in an array of beautiful colours ranging from yellow to burnt orange and fiery red. 

I was recently in Reading and I have to say, beside the river were some of the most Autumnal scenes i've ever witnessed, the river was hugged tightly by an eery mist and the ground scattered with leaves that crunched underfoot. 

We decided to walk down the riverbank and feed the hundreds of swans, ducks and geese that live on the river. The air was biting but not too severely so I opted to wear my houndstooth cape from DamartI wore it all weekend, pairing it firstly with a burgundy swing dress from Primark and a black and white mini dress from Topshop. The material is super snuggly and the ultimate item for wrapping around you to keep you cosy.

The black and white print is a great compliment to bold colours so I styled the cape with my cherry red Doc Marten's and chunky tights to keep extra snug. 


THE WEEK #45 2015

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This week has been spent...

 * Heading back to Wakefield wearily as two trains were delayed.
* Eating cold pizza watching late night TV with my Dad.
* Heading into town and being treated to a Daim bar milkshake.
* Baking the family Christmas cake for 2015.
* Relaxing in a Lush 'Twilight' bubble bath.
* Warming myself by a bonfire.
* Catching up with my Grandparents over a slice of parkin and a mug of tea.
* Enjoying a traditional bonfire dinner of pie and peas.
* Finishing work at 5pm and being incredibly thankful for the weekend.
* Feeling pleased about some great feedback on a piece of work that nearly killed me.
* Sweating it out at the gym.



I felt like it had been a little while since a 'Four days, four outfits' popped up on the blog. With late Autumn in full swing, 'tis the season for layering.

Outfit one: Never one to shy away from clashing colours and prints I opted for a leopard print, swing dress which is from Primark yeaaaars ago, I think we're talking like five years ago. I paired it with thick tights and a jumper similar in age which I bought from Wakefield market. I love the little owls lashes, if only my own were that long.

Outfit two: I absolutely love this red scarf from New Look, it is so soft and embellished with beading for the ultimate boho vibe. My jeans are Topshop 'Joni' and my shirt and necklace are also Topshop. I layered a plain black vest top from Primark underneath to give the shirt a less formal feel.

Outfit three:Sporting earthy tones on this particular day I am wearing a dress from Zara which should be marketed as a top because it is shoooort. I usually hate bodycon garments but this one actually helps keep all belly jelly under wraps. My cardigan is from TK Maxx and is an absolute wardrobe favourite. I am wearing the same Topshop charm necklace.

Outfit four: A real winter warming outfit. My chequered shirt is from Primark and the black top layered underneath is from Zara. It is a long, sheer piece that looks great when paired with a faux leather skater skirt. My scarf is an oldie from my boyfriends wardrobe (originally from Zara) and i'm wearing plain black jeans from Primark.



A few weeks ago I opened my wardrobe to find that my beloved 'Gibby sandals' from Dune and go to night out footwear were looking horrendously worse for wear. The cork heel was flaking and the elastic fraying. How could this be? I had no other 'night out' shoes that were as comfortable. With a birthday party looming I have to at least go and have a look....

I headed to Topshop allured by the sale signs and found myself in their Office concession, they too had a sale where I found the above heels for a bargainous £15. I had been looking for a similar platform shoe for some time but I was quite shocked to have found such a bang on pair for so cheap. They are literally the most comfortable heeled shoes i've ever worn. They have a soft padded sole and the most ridiculous gripping on the underfoot which means in the wintertime I won't be slipping and sliding all over the place. I love the studded leather detailing and chunky platform, they're high but I feel I could trot around in them all day long.

Next, I needed a dress as i'd recently had a super clear out of all the teeny tiny mini dresses that 1 probably no longer fitted me and 2 just weren't my style anyway. It's amazing how from 19-21 my taste in going out attire has changed. I found the houndstooth mini dress also in the sale and was sold by the 60's vibe and flared sleeves.

Not bad for an outfit for under £30! If you want to see it all together click here


THE WEEK #44 2015

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My week has been spent...

* Finding myself back on the road again and nervously driving to the supermarket.

* Carving pumpkins.

* Finishing work at 5pm and being stuck in traffic until 7:30 after an accident blocked the road.

* Wishing my Grandad luck for his operation.

*Sipping chai latte from Greenberry outside in the late Autumn day.

* Enjoying the view of London from Primrose Hill.

* Feeling decadent sampling Autumn cheese and wine at Neal's Yard Dairy in Borough Market.

* Introducing Elliot to the delights of Camden Town.

* Making a batch of delicious pumpkin soup and devouring it with a warm crusty roll.

* Sailing along the river in the darkness, only stars in the sky and our pumpkin lit on the boat.

* Enjoying how quick you can find yourself in central London when travelling from Reading.

* Feeling warm water on my back after a long train journey and lathering tea tree shower gel to wake myself up.

* Munching on noodles and sweet and sour chicken in Camden.

* Discovering a pair of sparkly brogues that don't give me blisters!

* Dying my hair firey orange. 

* Nervously pressing publish on a new Youtube video, the first in a long, long time.

* Feeling horrified by the way people can speak to others.

* Enjoying a warm bubble bath, when your flat only has a shower cubicle, this is very welcome.

* Travelling back to real life from a weekend that flew by in a flash.

Loving this week: London in Autumn. Support from loved ones. Halloween. Make-up Revolution 'Vamp' lipstick. 

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