12 November 2015


When it comes to sparkly things i'm a magpie swooping in and hurrying the item to the till in quick time. I spotted this Orly 'Color Blast' nail polish in TK Maxx lurking behind a number of other Autumn appropriate shades. For £2.99 I figured it was an absolute steal and purchased it immediately.

The shade is 'Rainbow Color Flip' and whilst I don't have beautifully manicured nails to model it on, I hope that these photos do the shimmery purple (with a green tinge) justice. As I always say, iridescent shades look the most beautiful on shorter, stumpy nails like mine, giving for an elongated look. 

The formula of this one is quite sheer and the shade takes 3-4 coats to become fully opaque. Chipping power is pretty good too, i've been hammering my keyboard for a week chip free. The formula dries pretty quickly too which is ideal for when your nails need some attention and you're in a rush.


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