I felt like it had been a little while since a 'Four days, four outfits' popped up on the blog. With late Autumn in full swing, 'tis the season for layering.

Outfit one: Never one to shy away from clashing colours and prints I opted for a leopard print, swing dress which is from Primark yeaaaars ago, I think we're talking like five years ago. I paired it with thick tights and a jumper similar in age which I bought from Wakefield market. I love the little owls lashes, if only my own were that long.

Outfit two: I absolutely love this red scarf from New Look, it is so soft and embellished with beading for the ultimate boho vibe. My jeans are Topshop 'Joni' and my shirt and necklace are also Topshop. I layered a plain black vest top from Primark underneath to give the shirt a less formal feel.

Outfit three:Sporting earthy tones on this particular day I am wearing a dress from Zara which should be marketed as a top because it is shoooort. I usually hate bodycon garments but this one actually helps keep all belly jelly under wraps. My cardigan is from TK Maxx and is an absolute wardrobe favourite. I am wearing the same Topshop charm necklace.

Outfit four: A real winter warming outfit. My chequered shirt is from Primark and the black top layered underneath is from Zara. It is a long, sheer piece that looks great when paired with a faux leather skater skirt. My scarf is an oldie from my boyfriends wardrobe (originally from Zara) and i'm wearing plain black jeans from Primark.

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