As my hair gets redder, it has to be said that more leopard print appears. I wore all of these outfits in the same week and I hadn't notice until now that it must have been the week of dresses and the week of jewel tones! It's probably also worth mentioning that I don't wear glasses all the time, I tend to take my outfits pictures at work as the mirror in my flat is pretty rubbishy. 

Outfit One: This dress is from Zara and is a khaki / faux leather panel mix. I have to say it isn't one of my favourites as it hands quite oddly but for everyday comfort it does the job. I wore it with my Mango cardigan that i've had for years and a Topshop charm necklace. Chunky tights were the way forward with this one and on my feet have a pair of sparkly brogues. 

Outfit Two: The lighting in this one make me look chesty, hooray! Only joking i'll never be busty in my life! I'm wearing a faux suede, deep purple dress from New Look, at £10 it was an absolute bargain and you'd never know i'd spilt candle wax down the front of it thanks to a nifty trick with an iron. I'm wearing my Mango cardigan again and a pair of vintage beads that belonged to my Nana. On my feet I have some leopard print ankle boots from Zara.

Outfit Three: Oh I love this outfit and it was really thrown together! The shirt is the iconic studded collar, sheer shirt from Zara that was made 'famous' a few years ago by Louise from Made in Chelsea. I layered a leopard print skater skirt from New Look over the top and wore a skinny, patent black belt to tie the whole thing together. On my lips is Revlon ' Fire and Ice' and on my feet I wore my metallic loafers from Zara.

Outfit Four: The dress i'm wearing on the last picture is one that i've toyed with parting with for so long, but i'm glad I didn't. It is from Urban Outfitters and is a beautiful peacock green/blue. The reason it has been sat in the back of my wardrobe is because it fits strangely, the arms are tight which makes the chest area ride up when you work which is pretty annoying. Anyway, I have it on with a blue jewel necklace that belonged to my Nana and a pair of red Doc Martens to brighten up the look. 

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