A few weeks ago I opened my wardrobe to find that my beloved 'Gibby sandals' from Dune and go to night out footwear were looking horrendously worse for wear. The cork heel was flaking and the elastic fraying. How could this be? I had no other 'night out' shoes that were as comfortable. With a birthday party looming I have to at least go and have a look....

I headed to Topshop allured by the sale signs and found myself in their Office concession, they too had a sale where I found the above heels for a bargainous £15. I had been looking for a similar platform shoe for some time but I was quite shocked to have found such a bang on pair for so cheap. They are literally the most comfortable heeled shoes i've ever worn. They have a soft padded sole and the most ridiculous gripping on the underfoot which means in the wintertime I won't be slipping and sliding all over the place. I love the studded leather detailing and chunky platform, they're high but I feel I could trot around in them all day long.

Next, I needed a dress as i'd recently had a super clear out of all the teeny tiny mini dresses that 1 probably no longer fitted me and 2 just weren't my style anyway. It's amazing how from 19-21 my taste in going out attire has changed. I found the houndstooth mini dress also in the sale and was sold by the 60's vibe and flared sleeves.

Not bad for an outfit for under £30! If you want to see it all together click here

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