I never previously had myself down as a 'shoe gal' - Handbags most definitely but shoes, I could take 'em or leave 'em. Recently this has all changed when I realised I was wearing a hole into the same pair of black Topshop boots, Having given my shoedrobe a thorough overhaul I have a few new pieces to show you.

The leopard boots: Hailing from Zara these boots are the most comfortable footwear I own. I have strange, narrow feet with a freakishly thin and nobbly causing shoes to rub and give me blisters all over. I found this pair of faux fur boots and decided they would be the perfect Autumn treat. Great for the office and great for cocktails afterward they're my go to smart-casual pair.

The sparkly brogues: My most recent pair of shoes were instigated by my boyfriend telling me that I needed some smart brogues in my wardrobe. (Probably because I pestered him to buy some for so long.) This pair are ridiculously comfy and sway the typical school girl shoe persona in light of something more fun and jazzy. You know me, anything but the norm! I wear these bad boys mostly for work as I think they're the perfect mix of 'looking-like-you-made-an-effort' and looking quirky.

The metallic loafers: I know you will have seen these shiny shoes a few weeks ago but they deserve a mention as I have been wearing them loads. They are one of the most uncomfortable pairs of shoes that I own, again due to the nobbly feet and hard leather backs. They've also ripped where my foot bends and I had to use kids PVA glue to seal the metallic coating back on. (Knew I should have bought the safe black pair!) Again, they are from Zara. 

The stompin' heels: As a flats over heels kinda gal, I have been rockin' these platform wedges for when I need to look a little more dressy and dare I say it...girly! They are from Aldo and are ridiculously comfortable with a soft, spongey sole and sturdy platform. I love the buckle/stud detail too for a bit of sassyness.

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