THE WEEK #44 2015

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My week has been spent...

* Finding myself back on the road again and nervously driving to the supermarket.

* Carving pumpkins.

* Finishing work at 5pm and being stuck in traffic until 7:30 after an accident blocked the road.

* Wishing my Grandad luck for his operation.

*Sipping chai latte from Greenberry outside in the late Autumn day.

* Enjoying the view of London from Primrose Hill.

* Feeling decadent sampling Autumn cheese and wine at Neal's Yard Dairy in Borough Market.

* Introducing Elliot to the delights of Camden Town.

* Making a batch of delicious pumpkin soup and devouring it with a warm crusty roll.

* Sailing along the river in the darkness, only stars in the sky and our pumpkin lit on the boat.

* Enjoying how quick you can find yourself in central London when travelling from Reading.

* Feeling warm water on my back after a long train journey and lathering tea tree shower gel to wake myself up.

* Munching on noodles and sweet and sour chicken in Camden.

* Discovering a pair of sparkly brogues that don't give me blisters!

* Dying my hair firey orange. 

* Nervously pressing publish on a new Youtube video, the first in a long, long time.

* Feeling horrified by the way people can speak to others.

* Enjoying a warm bubble bath, when your flat only has a shower cubicle, this is very welcome.

* Travelling back to real life from a weekend that flew by in a flash.

Loving this week: London in Autumn. Support from loved ones. Halloween. Make-up Revolution 'Vamp' lipstick. 

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