THE WEEK #46 2015

This week on GGMH: @goodgollymisshollie | Noel | Bedtime bliss | Sorrowful eyes | Pearls and velvet | Bought a car! | Listen up | Autumn ootd | The first mince pie | Hacienda vibes  

* Scouring Auto Trader for hours to find a car.

* Buying a car omfg.

* Rediscovering my love for Crazy Color semi permanent hair colour.

* Feeling deeply unsettled by the events in Paris.

* Delving deep into the late 80's early 90's with documentaries about Factory Records. I watched '24 hour party people' followed by a great BBC film and a must see for pop music culture lover about the rise of 'Madchester' which you can watch here.

* Rediscovering my love for Joy Division and the dark lyrics of 'Love will tear us apart.' 

*  Enjoying a proper lie in, the first in months.

* Getting grumpy with the state of my wardrobe and clearing out to produce a huge bag of clothes for charity.

* Feeling nervous about taking to the road again.

* Dabbling with fake tan for the first time in months.

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