THE WEEK #47 2015

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My week has been spent...

* Discovering AMSR videos and feeling mesmerised by such a weird concept.

* Waiting anxiously for my car to be delivered.

* Wondering if the car would make it home in one piece having never driven in a large city.

* Driving on my own for the first time in 4 years.

* Finding the petrol station stressful.

* Feeling anxious about the drive home from work in the dark.

* Making a complete boll*c*ks of a roundabout.

* Trying to find my way in torrential rain and hailstone.

* Parking up at home and thinking shit, I have to do this again tomorrow.

* Ordering BBQ ham and mushroom pizza.

* Calling Elliot for a late night pep talk. He keeps repeating: "Rome wasn't built in a day."

* Feeling touched by my colleagues kindness and words of wisdom.

* Taking Elliot out in my car for the first time.

* Painting my nails bright red for the first time in ages.

* Moving to a new desk.

* Buying some leopard print car matts.

*Wandering into town and feeling the pinch of Winter.

* Dreading roundabouts. Feeling sick when the traffic lighted roundabout wasn't functioning. 

* Buying that coat from H+M.

* Taking a road trip with my boss and actually having a nice, un awks day.

* Sizzling some sausages in a pan for a Saturday morning breakfast.

* Planning a long drive and a Winter walk on the beach.

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