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This week has been spent...

* Thinking about the fact it was my last week being 21.

* Feeling more confident with my driving.

* Enjoying a day off work.

* Sipping cocktails and eating delicious pizza with my best friend.

* Finding the whole club scene amusing as an old bird.

* Having my car window fall off in my hand.

* Spending the day in tears and overwhelmed.

* Sitting by the roaring fire sipping a chai latte.

* Being surprised with the best birthday gift.

* Exploring the Coronation Street set at Old Granada Studios.

* Feeling the pinch of work pressure with a client.

* Enjoying pulling a pint in the Rovers Return.

* Enjoying a birthday lunch with Elliot and my parents at the Philharmonic Dining Rooms.

* Taping my window up with masking tape.

* Feeling annoyed that i'd only had my car a week and something went wrong.

* Tucking into chocolatey birthday cake.

* Feeling grateful for birthday cards and gifts from loved ones.

* Taking myself to the ASDA and stocking up on festive treats.

* Turning 22.

* Rediscovering my nose ring.

* Feeling annoyed at myself for feeling so deflated. 

* The satisfaction of cleaning my flat top to bottom.

* Learning that this will be my last year living in this particular flat.

* Knowing Elliot is a hero.

* Wondering if i'll ever be an 'independent woman.'

* Enjoying cocktails in Manchester.

* Feeling anxious about my car window.

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