2015 in a nut shell: Interning at a PR agency | Meeting George Northwood | Having my hair sorted by GN | Visiting Wales for the first time | A tour of LFC | Exploring the woods | Witnessing the three Queens | Enjoying the height of summer | Taking a spa trip | Interning at the Liverpool Women's Hospital | Enjoying summer on the waterfront | Leaving LiverpoolSU | Starting work at Webtise | Finishing my dissertation | Graduating | Visiting Ibiza | Going on my first camping trip | Experiencing cheese and wine tasting for the first time | Exploring Brighton | Attending the best wedding ever | Visiting Coronation Street | Enjoying family time | Finding new places | Buying a car

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

2015 has been an incredible year and more wishes, hopes and dreams have come true in 2015 than any other year of my life. I can't believe this is my final post of 2015...12 months really have flown passed in a flash. Whilst some of the happenings have been pretty shitty, I still write this post with strength and great optimism for the future.

Here are a few highlights...

The graduate

2015 was the year that I slogged tirelessly to get to the finish line at university and graduate with a 2:1 in journalism. I'd seen many of my friends throw that cap up in the air before me, but never quite thought that i'd actually make it too. My university career has been so difficult and at times i've wanted to give up due to many reasons, the abusive guy I lived with in first year, the death of my Grandparents and living with people who made life a nightmare to name but a few. However, bad stuff aside there's been many ups, meeting new friends, loving my student job and really learning how to be a disciplined journo. I  worked so hard to get over the line to finish my journalism degree and to finish it well was an amazing moment this year.

The content marketeer

Leading on from above, I walked out of uni on a Friday sometime in May and by the following Monday i'd walked straight into my first job and began my career in a role that is relevant to my degree and completely what I wanted to do with my life "when I grew up." A local business man who owns a digital agency took a chance on me as a graduate with absolutely no knowledge of SEO, just a passion for writing and a keen interest in the online world of blogs (obvs.) To be able to stay living in a city i've grown to love, bag myself a bigger flat and buy a car have been a few 'adulty' things that make me so proud. If you're a long time reader of GGMH you'll probably know how terrified to the point of making myself ill, I was to find a job, and to find one I love is incredible, without making you vom - everyday is a challenge but i've learnt so much and to hit a big career milestone, five months in was seriously awesome.


Shortly before my 22nd birthday I bought my first car, which was an incredible moment, having taken a long hiatus from driving, I decided that i'd had enough of running for the bus and took the plunge. I got myself back on the road with no driving lessons, just an over cautious mind and a want to be independent.

I've had some pretty awesome opportunities this year also, one of the most notable ones has to be taken on a press trip with Nivea to visit Liverpool Football Club. If you like, you can read more about that here. It was a magical day and a moment when I felt like a 'real' journalist. I also got to meet the infamous hairdresser George Northwood and have my hair dramatically changed at his London salon.

There's been lows this year no doubt, i've had cockroaches in my old flat, being slapped in the face by life, gone through a disgusting break up, lost all self worth, my car window falling out, smashing a works ipad, just to name a few....But it's all gravy it's onwards and upwards to 2016...My main motto is to not settle for anything less than butterflies.


THE WEEK #52 2015

My week through Instagram: @goodgollymisshollie | Christmas @ home | My new skull | Desk accessories | Christmas Day selfie | Winter comforts | New nails | Chappy cat | Quote of the week | Obligatory Bucks Fizz

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This last full week of 2015 has been spent...

* Feeling excited at work to be finishing for a few days

* Nervously driving home for Christmas, my first motorway experience in a long time!

*Getting struck down by a particularly nasty stomach bug.

* Sitting in the pub with my Dad trying to put the world to rights.

* Being overwhelmed by love from friends checking in.

* Experiencing my first traumatic experience with eyebrow threading.

* Tucking into a delicious Christmas dinner,

* Opening my presents with a glass of bucks fizz.

* Tucking into an Xmas eve tea of fish 'n' chips before wandering to the pub.

* Enjoying my first glass of mulled wine.

* Heading into town and feeling happy to have some alone time.

* Driving with the window down to Florence and the Machine.

* Treating myself to some Shellac nails.

* Opening my front door to a vagrant laid across it.

* Feeling sorry and guilty for Mum and the effort she put in for Xmas that was wasted.

* Drinking one too many gin and tonics.

* Having a lovely catch up with my Aunty on the phone. 

* Enjoying creamy hot chocolate and marshmallows at the garden centre.

* Giving my car the clean of its life with my Dad and getting some bodywork done on it.

* Giving my Dad a huge hug for filling my car up with petrol and buying me a new wiper.

* Feeling suspicious that my car had been bumped by a white car...There's a white car on our drive.

* Spending Xmas day with the oldies.

* Treating myself in the Boxing day sales.

* Relying on my friend Zoe to get me through the day.

* Asking for strength from my Nana.



I know, I know i'm the most fickle girl in the land...One minute i'm telling you how much I love my auburn red hair, the next i'm shaking it up for something completely different. 

I've recently been on a pinning spree on my 'hair' board and found some super lush pictures of purple hair. I felt really inspired to help my dark roots blend in a little better with my artificial colour and decided to switch up my orange red, for a purple red.

The colour I used is the Schwarzkopf 'Live' Intense Colour in the shade 'Pure Purple' - I've tried to dye my hair purple before using a L'Oreal Feria colour which was an absolute fail. NEVER use the purple dye from L'Oreal, it give zero effect and when I complained to L'Oreal directly that the colorant had zero effect on my hair, the procedure to resolve the issue was farcical...but that's a whole other story for another time.

I have used LIVE colour on and off for as long as i've been dying my hair and I knew I could rely on the brand to give me some lovely results...Especially when it came to choosing a bold colour. As my hair was already pretty red, the colourant took well and left me with a deep, burgundy purple shade which inspired me to buy some clip in hair extensions to match.

I had to cut my hair when I went through a stage of being addicted to bleach blonde locks and since then i've been very slowly gaining millimetres of length. As my works Christmas party was upcoming, I bought 8 pieces of real hair from a shop in Liverpool to give a fuller head of hair a whirl. The colour match is pretty perfect for the colour the LIVE dye turned my hair and I couldn't be happier with the result. 

To top up my deep burgundy/purple hair I have been using 'Dark Tulip' by Directions, the semi permanent dye is perfect for adding to conditioner to refresh your colour between dye jobs and is the perfect match for both my extensions and my natural hair.



Party season has been in full swing this week with my works Christmas party and a special birthday celebration both within a day of each other. Great for my chance to try out different make-up looks, not so great for my head or my bank balance...One too many Cosmos?

Make-up: Though I have a signature 'party' look, I like to experiment with different combinations of colour and on both occasions I wanted to keep my make-up fresh and dewy, letting the lips and my freshly coloured hair do the talking. 

As boogying in a sweaty club can cause unwanted shine at the best of time...I opted for a matte base, choosing the w7 Captain Matte foundation and using the Glo Minerals concealer. It's great for eradicating dark circles and covering up any unwanted redness.

A quick swish of my favourite all-in-one palette, the Physicians Formula 'Shimmer Stripes' is all I need to achieve a radiant, bronzed look paired with a lovely blush. Whilst this palette includes a few gorgeous highlight shades, I opted to use the infamous 'Soft and Gentle' highlighter from Mac. I packed my Almay pressed powder in my clutch bag for shine touch ups. 

I kept my eyes really neutral with just a swish of the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in 'On and on bronze' the lightest gold shade in the Physicians Formula palette before lining my upper lash line and waterline with a kohl pencil from Lacura beauty. I smudged the kohl with the blender which sits on the end of the pencil before going in with my favourite part...mascara. Using the Clinique, high impact mascara I built drama and a false lash effect with my beloved Jica Lash extensions.  On my lips i'm wearing my favourite drugstore punchy pink 'As you want Victoria' by Rimmel. Though in my clutch bag I threw in 'Girl about town' from Mac.

Style: For my works Christmas party I wore the silver, loop dress from Missguided, it's super slouchy and gives the perfect rock chick vibe when paired with chunky heels and a studded, leather jacket. For the second party I wore a plain black dress from And other stories with a beautiful, embroided long cami from River Island. I wore both with my fave chunky heels from Aldo.


THE WEEK #51 2015

My week through Instagram: @goodgollymisshollie | Moonshine | Cute G+T | Xmas party look | Purple hair! | Quote of the week | Mellow | My favourite nail polishes | Truth | A twist on Xmas jumper day

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My week has mainly been spent...

* Throwing a twist on Xmas jumper day, with an Xmas outfit.

* Dying my hair purple.

* Tucking into a melty, blue cheese toasty

* Heading out the office Christmas party.

* Being the only one knee deep in nachos and guac.

* Feeling so happy in the company of my friends Jon and Lisa.

* Devouring the most delicious cauliflower and pea curry, the best curry i've ever eaten.

* Enjoying the feeling of wearing hair extensions.

* Feeling betrayed.

*  Meticulously cleaning my flat.

* Having another bought of confidence with my driving.

* Feeling pleased when my boss liked his secret Santa gift. 

* Receiving an Xmas card off my oldest friend who sadly I fell out of touch with.

* Having a suspicious feeling in my stomach.

* Discovering i'd been royally lied to.

* Travelling to Manchester.

* Having support from good people.

* Loving The Apprentice...Joseph to win!

* Feeling spooky, I always have a feeling before something happens...It did.

* Getting ready for party no.2.

* Missing my family.

* Trying to decide if people can be platonically friends with exs.

* Experimenting with quirky cocktails.

* Receiving my secret Santa gift...Cat socks and a candle - someone knows me well.



My friend Hannah is one of my nearest and dearest. We met a few years ago whilst answering the phone and getting up to mischief on the reception desk at the students union we worked at. Since we both moved on from university life and started our careers whilst holding down long distance relationships, we don't see each other as much as i'd like, but that's okay because when we do, a warning message in our favourite pizza joint needs to be put up on the wall because it's loud and we're usually the last people sat there when they want to close.

For my birthday this year, Hannah treated me to the Alice and Olivia for Nails Inc gift set. She knows me very well and whilst I have the shortest, stumpiest nails in the world, she knows that I have penchant for pretty Nails Inc polishes.

This particular collection is inspired by the 1970s sexy rock and roll vibe with a dark bohemian twist and I have to say there aren't any other shades more up my alley. I absolutely love the packaging, the monochrome illustration of a gal with big sunnies, red lippy and a bun reminds me of...well, me. Alice and Olivia are a New York based brand founded by Stacey Bendit and are renowned for producing clothing that mixes whimsical with sexy.

The collection includes 'Next to nothing' which is the sheer, peach shade. 'Ruby Night Sky' my favourite, a gorgeous dark burgundy that looks almost black on the nails. ' Paris Rogue' the perfect Christmas colour, a pearl festive red and 'Gold Goddess' an olive toned gold that is opaque in 2 coats.

This collection has the new Nails Inc brush that swipes the nails with colour in a second, drying quickly and ready to go in two coats. If you like the look of this little array of beautiful polishes, you can find them online or in store at Boots.



In the lead up to Christmas I have been cracking out the cold weather appropriate attire. Chunky tights, jumpers, scarves you name it and this year i've even found myself in a bobble hat. Here are four more outfits that i've been wearing recently. 

Outfit One: Unintentionally on this day I was rocking a cool Britannia look. My Mum bought me this tunic jumper from Star by Julian McDonald for my birthday a few weeks ago. I love the electric blue colour and the unusual triangular cut. I paired it with black skinny jeans from Primark, a wooly snood also from Primark and my Topshop charm necklace. On my feet i'm pretty sure i'm wearing my sparkly brogues.

Outfit Two: I wore this outfit for my boyfriends Msc graduation. It was a real Winters day with sleet in the air and a definite nip. I wore my favourite 'cosy tights' from Primark with a black bodycon dress that i've had since I was about 16 and was bought from a boutique store in Wakefield. Layered over the top i'm wearing a super, sparkly sequin crop top from a random store in Liverpool named 'Catwalk.' I wore the outfit with my plum, trench coat from Primark and my favourite black, heeled ankle boots.

Outfit Three: Having spent the morning prodding at my nose, I managed to get my nose ring back in a hole from 2012 that I thought had healed completely. I wore it with a slouchy black jumper from H+M and my Topshop sequin Joni jeans. My sideways cross necklace is from Azendi and the small jade pendant is the 'Luna necklace' from Nowseen. On my feet I have my red Dr Martens.

Outfit Four: Possibly the most perfect tee for me? Dramatic yes. It's from River Island and i'm wearing it with a black bodycon skirt and a pair of cosy tights from Primark. My cardigan is from Star by Julian McDonald that I bought years and years ago. My beads are vintage and I have on the same dainty necklaces as before. On my feet I have on my sparkly brogues.


THE WEEK #50 2015

My week through Instagram: @goodgollymisshollie Murdoch | Bills brunch | This guys graduation | Moules | Antique shop finds | Harrods | Breakfast | Liberty London window display | Saturday nibbles

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This week has mostly been spent...

* Christmas shopping in torrential rain.

* Finding myself in a number of emotionally stressful situations.

* Making life decisions.

* Feeling blessed by the kindness of strangers.

* Celebrating Elliot's Msc graduation.

* Being in awe of James Bay on the BBC Music Awards.

* Tucking into a hearty bowl of muscles in tomato and garlic sauce at the Italian Club Fish.

* Seeking solace in my favourite antique shop.

* Hanging out with my favourite ginger Tom cat.

* Spotting an antique i've had my on for a while and getting £30 knocked off it.

* Choosing incense sticks and filling my flat with the scent.

* Wrapping Christmas presents to the soundtrack of Nat King Cole.

* Switching my work brain off with AMSR videos.

* Watching the X Factor final half arsed, I haven't gotten into it this year.

* Not being able to shake a lethargic mood.

* Feeling it's time to shake up my hair colour.

* Enjoying a wholesome plate consisting of a jacket potato and tuna mayo.

* Mastering a reverse park for the first time since my driving lessons 4 years ago.

* Enjoying an undisturbed lie in.

* Wincing at Ferne McCan eating that spider alive.

* Revelling in alone time.

* Tucking into Bills infamous veggie breakfast.

* Feeling deflated when Elliot's Dad ruined a surprise i'd been keeping.

* Chain brewing in the office to keep warm.



When it comes to make-up, mascara is my thing I love how within one stroke of a wand, your peepers can be instantly transformed. On those pesky occasions when your alarm doesn't go off, mascara would be the first make-up item I reach for to look more awake. 

I've currently been swept away by the Clinique 'High Impact Mascara' which featured in last months favourites. After having a much needed make-up stash clear out last week, I realised that there are a few tubes of mascara that I love lying dormant and could do with a revisit. 

This week i'm shopping my stash...

Maybelline 'Lash Stiletto' Sadly now eradicated from the UK market, I was sourced this lash stiletto by my Aunt who lives in America. It's really annoying that the formula has been removed from the UK market as it's really, really good. Non clumpy or super watery, the mascara formulation is a knock out and really extends the lashes, coat after coat. The wand is however what really makes this product a champ, the rubbery, thin applicator allows you to really dig deep into the lash roots to achieve a fluttery, separated look.

Lacura Beauty 'Wondercurl'Lacura is a beauty brand stocked by Aldi and for dirt cheap make-up, the quality is ah-mazing! The slightly curved wand is perfect for nestling deep into the roots and giving for a dramatic look. The formulation is awesome too and within one swipe, lashes are black and defined. 

Derma v10 'Luxurious Lashes' Another super budget friendly mascara comes from Derma v10 which you can find in shops such as Bodycare and Home Bargains. The mascara has one of the best plastic wands which helps prevent the dreaded spider lashes. The formula of this one can be a little hit or miss. I have two tubes and one is watery and the other just right. If you find yourself with a more watery formulation just leave the top slightly unscrewed to let the air in or wait a few seconds between coats. 



If you know me, you'll know that I am a huge appreciator of music, I know, know who isn't? But there's something about listening way past the vocals and picking up the drum beat or the riff of a bass guitar and truly absorbing yourself in a song. 

My job involves a lot of writing and working in a bustling office, I usually plug in my ear-phones and spiral into Spotify to help me concentrate. More recently though, i've been slowly making my way through the BBC Radio 2 'Desert Island Disc' archives.

For anybody who isn't familiar with the concept, a well known individual who could be a writer, a musician or a politician is invited onto the show to talk through eight recordings, a book and a luxury item that they would take if they were to be cast away on a desert island - all whilst discussing their lives and the reasons for their choices.

Of course my musical taste evolves over time and I guess this list will someday become obsolete. I mean some 18 years ago I was buzzing for S Club 7 and Steps (still am btw) and had never heard of Joy Division and the other bands way before my time that have been circulating my car playlist recently.

Today i'm sharing with you, my current desert island discs, though I won't bore you with eight choices, instead we shall stick to four. I wouldn't say my choices are fully representative of musical taste as they're fairly all from the same rock genre. 

'Gimme Shelter' - The Rolling Stones I first discovered this track in 2013 when I was living in a particularly unpleasant situation at university. The people who I shared a flat with weren't particularly my cup of tea and I spent a lot of time running away to my then boyfriend who lived in London. It was a time when I was experimenting with style and was more often than not found rockin' bright red Doc Martens with equally as bright plaid trousers and a mustard jumper. I had 'discovered' London so to speak and loved nothing more than learning about the 'swinging 60s' and cultural movements under the cities influence. Upon my return from the smoke I would dread walking up the staircase to the front door of the flat I lived in. More often than not i'd be playing 'Gimme Shelter' on my ipod, with it's moody riffs, screeching support vocals from Merry Clayton, insanely dark lyrics and intense opening riff, what could be more fitting for such a difficult time? I have to say that Gimme Shelter is probably my most appreciated song of all time, it features on a number of my favourite films including one of my top 3 films of all time, Layer Cake in a sexy scene between Daniel Craig and Sienna Miller. I love watching The Stones play this live at Glastonbury 2013, the magic between Keith Richards and Mick Jagger is awesome to watch.

'Kinky Afro' - The Happy Monday's Probably the most recent entry on my list, this song reminds me of buying my first car and taking it out for a drive on my own for the first time. I hadn't managed to tune the radio in to a station and it was stuck on some obscure channel playing Kinky Afro. Driving has never made me feel particularly comfortable and i'm not the most confident driver...especially after taking a 4 year hiatus however, turning up the gristly voice of Shaun Rider and thinking of Bez' classic dance moves made the drive home from the garage all the more exciting. I'd recently watched Steve Coogan in the film '24 hour party people' a reflection upon the work of the late Tony Walker and Factory records (who the Monday's were signed to) and was feeling the late 80s/90s Madchester nostalgia. 

'Who do you think you are' - Spice Girls Another from my earlier days at university, I guess i'm lucky in the sense that i've always known roughly what I wanted to 'be when I grew up' - any job that involved writing. The lyrics in this song are a great motivator to go out and achieve something. "The race is on to get out of the bottom." Whilst I was at uni, the media and people around me would hammer home how difficult it would be to find a job as nobody was employing and jobs in journalism were rare. I was really frightened by the prospect of 'wasting' £9,000 on a worthless degree and having to move back in with my parents and sign on whilst applying for jobs. People would share tales of them applying for 100 jobs a week and getting nowhere, the news battered graduates and I was feeling really concerned about my place in the future as a 'real life adult'. Amongst starting this blog, making sure I always had a job and working hard to bag a summer internship at a fantastic company in London, I managed to land a great job straight out of uni and start climbing the ladder. "What's driving you is ambition and betting?"

'Rooms on fire'- Stevie Nicks My karaoke classic. If there's a karaoke machine i'm singing this. There's isn't a particularly meaningful reason why i've picked this song however, I do really like the lyrics: "I have known this much longer than i've known you' really resonate with me as nobody knows you better than, We all have our weird quirks and complexes and having lived with them all your life, no matter how close somebody is to you, they'll never truly know you. 

Book of choice: 'Life' by Keith Richards because who doesn't want to read Keith's wise words if you're marooned on an island.

Luxury Item: Parasol. If I was on a desert island my skin would fry without it and the prickly heat would become intolerable. In hot climates I like to be shady baby. #BORE.


THE WEEK #49 2015

My week through Instagram:@goodgollymisshollie | This years tree | Harrods @ night | Liberty London window art | Prosecco o' clock | Christmas on Carnaby St. | Intense bauble buying | Selfridges | Finally seen cats | The tastiest brunch

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
In no particular order - This week has mainly been spent...

* Having a taste of spontaneity by booking to see Cats the musical on a whim.

* Wandering through London absorbing the Christmas lights.

* Enjoying a Katsu curry free of charge at Wagamamma's sometimes a little late service is worth it.

* Tucking into a delicious Sunday brunch, crispy bacon and hot, buttery toast.

* Thoroughly enjoying Cats the musical and loving the songs.

* Enjoying a fizzy glass of Prosecco on the Palladium balcony.

* Enduring a frightening moment on the road and feeling shaken.

* Driving back up North.

* Introducing Elliot to Harrods Christmas world.

* Enjoying a late night Macdonalds whilst wandering to Paddington station.

* Feeling warm and fuzzy seeing Elliot waiting on the platform at Euston to pick me up.

* Decorating my Christmas tree.

* Feeling a little weird about not signing on for my flat again.

* Enduring a one too many arguments.

* Enjoying tasty burritos after a long drive.

* Finding it bloody weird driving somebody else' car.

* Crossing my fingers and toes for some good news.

* Revelling in London's beauty at Christmas time.

* Shaking a strange mood.

* Thoroughly enjoying Vlogmas videos...guilty pleasures.



I thought once my hair was bleached within an inch of its life and I rocked a cool, Barbie blonde i'd never, ever go back to the red hue that so fiercely tried to eradicate. Having had so much trouble lifting it, I was adamant that i'd never be a redhead ahead. And now look, one year on and i'm back to the unnatural hair colour that i've had most in my 22 years on this planet.

As a natural brunette, my hair tends to prefer the more plummy red tones as opposed to the orange / pillarbox reds that i've been lusting after. Though, for a long time i've been trying to achieve the perfect auburn but i've not had much luck on that front finding a box dye quite the right shade. 

I am currently rocking the L'Oreal Prodigy hair colour in the shade 'Vermillion' - a real, rusty orange I was most impressed with the simple, yet quality box content and colour pay off. As we all know, red hair is notoriously bad for washing itself away down the plughole so I top up my colour weekly with a semi permanent 'Orange' hair dye from Crazy Color. As I previously mentioned, my hair likes to take on a plum hue so 'orange' it is not but the refresh is nice when my brunette roots start poking through and the colour fades. 

I wash my hair with a basic shampoo and conditioner, I used to invest heavily in colour saving treatments but i've found that with my hair, the results are all pretty similar no matter what shampoo and conditioner I use. I invest in heat protectant and I am currently using the Redken Colour Extend, though if i'm honest I try to let my hair air dry to save a bashing from the heat of the hairdryer.

Day to day, I wear my hair up in a messy bun or in a ponytail as length wise my hair is stuck at that unstyled, in-between phase whereby my fringe is to my chin and the ends bounce upwards on my collarbone. 



If you know me, then you'll know that when it comes to clothes I love anything outrageous, the crazier the better I say. When I spotted this H+M coat popping up on social media left, right and centre, I knew that it just had to be mine. 

A few weeks ago I headed in store to look at it, majorly swooned and decided that a few Winter coats had to go in order to be able to justify another one. Now that I have four wheels I was able to take a big bag of clothes to the Salvation Army and there was room yet again to buy some new treasures.

After wandering through town one Saturday I decided to just go for it with the H+M jacket, afterall something so wacky may not come instore again and i'd be gutted I missed out. I do feel a bit like Joseph in his technicolor dream coat but it doesn't have cheer me up. It's warm too and whilst the fastening isn't the best (eye hooks) it is great for nippy Winter days as it is long in length and very well lined.



Ah the end of November, one of my favourite times of the year, predominantly because this was when I was born, 22 years ago on Sunday. To me the 1990s feels like a mere decade a go but to say it's more like two is super strange. The end of the month also brings us monthly beauty favourites, so without further ado here is my latest selection of favourites.

Nails: Despite stubby nails I have been really enjoying wearing a little something on my nails as it kind of makes me feel more polished. My current muse is 'Rainbow Colour Flip' from Orly. I found it in TK Maxx and fell in love with the iridescent purple/olive colour mix which makes shorter nails look more presentable. 

Hair: I've been on a bid to keep my red hair looking refreshed at all points without having to use harsh dyes every 3-4 weeks. After using a variety of trusty Directions Paint Pots for years I decided to branch out and try another semi permanent colour brand. Crazy Color have been around for years and their orange variant looked like my bag. My hair is currently refusing to turn orange so the shade leaves my locks a deeper pillarbox red shade with an orange tinge, but I kinda like it. 

Skin: Another of my trusted favourites from KORE Skincare - Last month I was loving the Intensive Serum and this month the product spotlight has shifted towards the Repairing Eye Cream which has been keeping the delicate skin under my eyes radiant and less puffy. 

Eyes: I found myself allured to the free sample of the Clinique 'High impact' mascara that came with the November issue of Glamour magazine. I have always enjoyed the way this mascara extends and volumises the lashes without being too wet or clumpy. 

Scent: I've been really enjoying the Michael Kors fragrance in 'Rose Radiant Gold' at first this scent was my least favourite out of the trio, but it has however quickly grown on me as my go to, daytime fragrance.

Time for more faves? Last months Favourites2014's November monthly favourites

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