When it comes to make-up, mascara is my thing I love how within one stroke of a wand, your peepers can be instantly transformed. On those pesky occasions when your alarm doesn't go off, mascara would be the first make-up item I reach for to look more awake. 

I've currently been swept away by the Clinique 'High Impact Mascara' which featured in last months favourites. After having a much needed make-up stash clear out last week, I realised that there are a few tubes of mascara that I love lying dormant and could do with a revisit. 

This week i'm shopping my stash...

Maybelline 'Lash Stiletto' Sadly now eradicated from the UK market, I was sourced this lash stiletto by my Aunt who lives in America. It's really annoying that the formula has been removed from the UK market as it's really, really good. Non clumpy or super watery, the mascara formulation is a knock out and really extends the lashes, coat after coat. The wand is however what really makes this product a champ, the rubbery, thin applicator allows you to really dig deep into the lash roots to achieve a fluttery, separated look.

Lacura Beauty 'Wondercurl'Lacura is a beauty brand stocked by Aldi and for dirt cheap make-up, the quality is ah-mazing! The slightly curved wand is perfect for nestling deep into the roots and giving for a dramatic look. The formulation is awesome too and within one swipe, lashes are black and defined. 

Derma v10 'Luxurious Lashes' Another super budget friendly mascara comes from Derma v10 which you can find in shops such as Bodycare and Home Bargains. The mascara has one of the best plastic wands which helps prevent the dreaded spider lashes. The formula of this one can be a little hit or miss. I have two tubes and one is watery and the other just right. If you find yourself with a more watery formulation just leave the top slightly unscrewed to let the air in or wait a few seconds between coats. 

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