2015 in a nut shell: Interning at a PR agency | Meeting George Northwood | Having my hair sorted by GN | Visiting Wales for the first time | A tour of LFC | Exploring the woods | Witnessing the three Queens | Enjoying the height of summer | Taking a spa trip | Interning at the Liverpool Women's Hospital | Enjoying summer on the waterfront | Leaving LiverpoolSU | Starting work at Webtise | Finishing my dissertation | Graduating | Visiting Ibiza | Going on my first camping trip | Experiencing cheese and wine tasting for the first time | Exploring Brighton | Attending the best wedding ever | Visiting Coronation Street | Enjoying family time | Finding new places | Buying a car

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2015 has been an incredible year and more wishes, hopes and dreams have come true in 2015 than any other year of my life. I can't believe this is my final post of 2015...12 months really have flown passed in a flash. Whilst some of the happenings have been pretty shitty, I still write this post with strength and great optimism for the future.

Here are a few highlights...

The graduate

2015 was the year that I slogged tirelessly to get to the finish line at university and graduate with a 2:1 in journalism. I'd seen many of my friends throw that cap up in the air before me, but never quite thought that i'd actually make it too. My university career has been so difficult and at times i've wanted to give up due to many reasons, the abusive guy I lived with in first year, the death of my Grandparents and living with people who made life a nightmare to name but a few. However, bad stuff aside there's been many ups, meeting new friends, loving my student job and really learning how to be a disciplined journo. I  worked so hard to get over the line to finish my journalism degree and to finish it well was an amazing moment this year.

The content marketeer

Leading on from above, I walked out of uni on a Friday sometime in May and by the following Monday i'd walked straight into my first job and began my career in a role that is relevant to my degree and completely what I wanted to do with my life "when I grew up." A local business man who owns a digital agency took a chance on me as a graduate with absolutely no knowledge of SEO, just a passion for writing and a keen interest in the online world of blogs (obvs.) To be able to stay living in a city i've grown to love, bag myself a bigger flat and buy a car have been a few 'adulty' things that make me so proud. If you're a long time reader of GGMH you'll probably know how terrified to the point of making myself ill, I was to find a job, and to find one I love is incredible, without making you vom - everyday is a challenge but i've learnt so much and to hit a big career milestone, five months in was seriously awesome.


Shortly before my 22nd birthday I bought my first car, which was an incredible moment, having taken a long hiatus from driving, I decided that i'd had enough of running for the bus and took the plunge. I got myself back on the road with no driving lessons, just an over cautious mind and a want to be independent.

I've had some pretty awesome opportunities this year also, one of the most notable ones has to be taken on a press trip with Nivea to visit Liverpool Football Club. If you like, you can read more about that here. It was a magical day and a moment when I felt like a 'real' journalist. I also got to meet the infamous hairdresser George Northwood and have my hair dramatically changed at his London salon.

There's been lows this year no doubt, i've had cockroaches in my old flat, being slapped in the face by life, gone through a disgusting break up, lost all self worth, my car window falling out, smashing a works ipad, just to name a few....But it's all gravy it's onwards and upwards to 2016...My main motto is to not settle for anything less than butterflies.

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