Ah the end of November, one of my favourite times of the year, predominantly because this was when I was born, 22 years ago on Sunday. To me the 1990s feels like a mere decade a go but to say it's more like two is super strange. The end of the month also brings us monthly beauty favourites, so without further ado here is my latest selection of favourites.

Nails: Despite stubby nails I have been really enjoying wearing a little something on my nails as it kind of makes me feel more polished. My current muse is 'Rainbow Colour Flip' from Orly. I found it in TK Maxx and fell in love with the iridescent purple/olive colour mix which makes shorter nails look more presentable. 

Hair: I've been on a bid to keep my red hair looking refreshed at all points without having to use harsh dyes every 3-4 weeks. After using a variety of trusty Directions Paint Pots for years I decided to branch out and try another semi permanent colour brand. Crazy Color have been around for years and their orange variant looked like my bag. My hair is currently refusing to turn orange so the shade leaves my locks a deeper pillarbox red shade with an orange tinge, but I kinda like it. 

Skin: Another of my trusted favourites from KORE Skincare - Last month I was loving the Intensive Serum and this month the product spotlight has shifted towards the Repairing Eye Cream which has been keeping the delicate skin under my eyes radiant and less puffy. 

Eyes: I found myself allured to the free sample of the Clinique 'High impact' mascara that came with the November issue of Glamour magazine. I have always enjoyed the way this mascara extends and volumises the lashes without being too wet or clumpy. 

Scent: I've been really enjoying the Michael Kors fragrance in 'Rose Radiant Gold' at first this scent was my least favourite out of the trio, but it has however quickly grown on me as my go to, daytime fragrance.

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