THE WEEK #49 2015

My week through Instagram:@goodgollymisshollie | This years tree | Harrods @ night | Liberty London window art | Prosecco o' clock | Christmas on Carnaby St. | Intense bauble buying | Selfridges | Finally seen cats | The tastiest brunch

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In no particular order - This week has mainly been spent...

* Having a taste of spontaneity by booking to see Cats the musical on a whim.

* Wandering through London absorbing the Christmas lights.

* Enjoying a Katsu curry free of charge at Wagamamma's sometimes a little late service is worth it.

* Tucking into a delicious Sunday brunch, crispy bacon and hot, buttery toast.

* Thoroughly enjoying Cats the musical and loving the songs.

* Enjoying a fizzy glass of Prosecco on the Palladium balcony.

* Enduring a frightening moment on the road and feeling shaken.

* Driving back up North.

* Introducing Elliot to Harrods Christmas world.

* Enjoying a late night Macdonalds whilst wandering to Paddington station.

* Feeling warm and fuzzy seeing Elliot waiting on the platform at Euston to pick me up.

* Decorating my Christmas tree.

* Feeling a little weird about not signing on for my flat again.

* Enduring a one too many arguments.

* Enjoying tasty burritos after a long drive.

* Finding it bloody weird driving somebody else' car.

* Crossing my fingers and toes for some good news.

* Revelling in London's beauty at Christmas time.

* Shaking a strange mood.

* Thoroughly enjoying Vlogmas videos...guilty pleasures.

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