THE WEEK #50 2015

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This week has mostly been spent...

* Christmas shopping in torrential rain.

* Finding myself in a number of emotionally stressful situations.

* Making life decisions.

* Feeling blessed by the kindness of strangers.

* Celebrating Elliot's Msc graduation.

* Being in awe of James Bay on the BBC Music Awards.

* Tucking into a hearty bowl of muscles in tomato and garlic sauce at the Italian Club Fish.

* Seeking solace in my favourite antique shop.

* Hanging out with my favourite ginger Tom cat.

* Spotting an antique i've had my on for a while and getting £30 knocked off it.

* Choosing incense sticks and filling my flat with the scent.

* Wrapping Christmas presents to the soundtrack of Nat King Cole.

* Switching my work brain off with AMSR videos.

* Watching the X Factor final half arsed, I haven't gotten into it this year.

* Not being able to shake a lethargic mood.

* Feeling it's time to shake up my hair colour.

* Enjoying a wholesome plate consisting of a jacket potato and tuna mayo.

* Mastering a reverse park for the first time since my driving lessons 4 years ago.

* Enjoying an undisturbed lie in.

* Wincing at Ferne McCan eating that spider alive.

* Revelling in alone time.

* Tucking into Bills infamous veggie breakfast.

* Feeling deflated when Elliot's Dad ruined a surprise i'd been keeping.

* Chain brewing in the office to keep warm.

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