THE WEEK #51 2015

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My week has mainly been spent...

* Throwing a twist on Xmas jumper day, with an Xmas outfit.

* Dying my hair purple.

* Tucking into a melty, blue cheese toasty

* Heading out the office Christmas party.

* Being the only one knee deep in nachos and guac.

* Feeling so happy in the company of my friends Jon and Lisa.

* Devouring the most delicious cauliflower and pea curry, the best curry i've ever eaten.

* Enjoying the feeling of wearing hair extensions.

* Feeling betrayed.

*  Meticulously cleaning my flat.

* Having another bought of confidence with my driving.

* Feeling pleased when my boss liked his secret Santa gift. 

* Receiving an Xmas card off my oldest friend who sadly I fell out of touch with.

* Having a suspicious feeling in my stomach.

* Discovering i'd been royally lied to.

* Travelling to Manchester.

* Having support from good people.

* Loving The Apprentice...Joseph to win!

* Feeling spooky, I always have a feeling before something happens...It did.

* Getting ready for party no.2.

* Missing my family.

* Trying to decide if people can be platonically friends with exs.

* Experimenting with quirky cocktails.

* Receiving my secret Santa gift...Cat socks and a candle - someone knows me well.

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