THE WEEK #52 2015

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This last full week of 2015 has been spent...

* Feeling excited at work to be finishing for a few days

* Nervously driving home for Christmas, my first motorway experience in a long time!

*Getting struck down by a particularly nasty stomach bug.

* Sitting in the pub with my Dad trying to put the world to rights.

* Being overwhelmed by love from friends checking in.

* Experiencing my first traumatic experience with eyebrow threading.

* Tucking into a delicious Christmas dinner,

* Opening my presents with a glass of bucks fizz.

* Tucking into an Xmas eve tea of fish 'n' chips before wandering to the pub.

* Enjoying my first glass of mulled wine.

* Heading into town and feeling happy to have some alone time.

* Driving with the window down to Florence and the Machine.

* Treating myself to some Shellac nails.

* Opening my front door to a vagrant laid across it.

* Feeling sorry and guilty for Mum and the effort she put in for Xmas that was wasted.

* Drinking one too many gin and tonics.

* Having a lovely catch up with my Aunty on the phone. 

* Enjoying creamy hot chocolate and marshmallows at the garden centre.

* Giving my car the clean of its life with my Dad and getting some bodywork done on it.

* Giving my Dad a huge hug for filling my car up with petrol and buying me a new wiper.

* Feeling suspicious that my car had been bumped by a white car...There's a white car on our drive.

* Spending Xmas day with the oldies.

* Treating myself in the Boxing day sales.

* Relying on my friend Zoe to get me through the day.

* Asking for strength from my Nana.

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