The end of the month signals one thing...Monthly beauty favourites! 

Base: I had stopped wearing a primer underneath my day to day make-up and i've recently found that my foundation has been running away before the end of the day. This month i've been using the Maybelline 'Baby Skin - Instant pore eraser' which is probably my favourite drugstore primer of all time. Though the Baby Skin primer isn't marketed to make your foundation stay put, it certainly does the trick.

Foundation:The Revlon 'Photoready' foundation featured in my ace of base  post as it is a foundation that i've recently discovered. Though it takes a little blending to build up a medium coverage this foundation creates a flawless base, especially when used with the Maybelline 'Baby Skin' primer. 

Translucent Powder: A bit of a I don't use this for 'baking' my make-up which is soo en vogue at the moment, but more as a light dusting to set my foundation and concealer. It's the George at ASDA 'Silk finished pressed powder' which retails for a bargainous £2.99. It's great for throwing in my handbag for touching up on the go.

Lips: An old favourite, but a firm favourite the Soap and Glory Sexymother pucker lipgloss. This beauty plumps the lips perfectly whilst applying a tiny pop of colour, in this case a pretty, glossy pink. This is the perfect everyday lipgloss.

Scent: I received a set of Victoria's Secret body fragrance for Christmas and this month I have been using the fresh and clean scent. I throw it in my gym bag and handbag as it's a really light scent to wear day to day or as a little pick me up after a work out or a long day in the office. 

Which beauty products have you been loving this month?



It was one of those typically rainy Saturday's in January, the mood was grey and the temperature VERY cold as some snow had dropped not too far away. I found myself in Zara, raiding the sale and feeling pretty pleased that i'd dropped on the first day of the sales so that the racks weren't filled with peach coloured t-shirts and weird floral stuff.

The pieces in my hands slowly gathered one by one and a colour explosion hooked over my arm. The first dress I bought, is the rust / burnt orange number with a high neck and lace detailing. This was a steal at £7.99. Not only do I love the colour, but the simple, shift design is very flattering. With my hair being a lighter brown/blonde now, the colour compliments my hair...especially with a tan which will look pretty lovely in the summer.

The second dress I bought is a rather floaty affair which I bagged for £12 after scouring Pinterest for some boho inspired looks. I love the relaxed vibe from this dress as it hangs so nicely and the pattern is particularly lovely when paired with a leather jacket,chunky tights and tan ankle boots. The perfect dress for Sunday roast at a country pub.

With my colour spree continuing, I found this scarf, also in the sale and I knew it would be the perfect accompaniment to a leather jacket, as well being super useful for travelling to double up as a shawl. Again, the beautiful burnt orange colour and tribal pattern were the two elements that really grabbed my attention.

What do you think of the Zara sale?



When it comes to jewellery, it's certainly my 'thing' - I love experimenting with different styles and colours of jewellery - everything from miss matched cocktail rings to stacks of wooden bangles...My jewellery box is one of my favourite places. 

Statement necklaces have currently been having their moment in my eyes and I can't help but lust after the real wild cards that scream, yes i'm here. My current favourite statement necklace ticks all of the boxes. In fact i've been loving it that much that i've worn it every single day.

It's from The Happiness Boutique an online jewellery shop that specialises in vintage inspired clothing. They stock some really unique pieces, in-particular their range of statement necklaces. I have been wearing the 'Flower Love' statement necklace* in red which is a super bold and beautiful necklace that really steps up a plain outfit. The summery statement piece also comes in navy which I have my eyes on as a next purchase.

The Happiness Boutique, offer free shipping too so you can shop to your hearts content without feeling too guilty about your purse strings. I have to say the customer service I received was really good, my necklace was dispatched and with me in no time at all.

As a little treat for you lovely lot, The Happiness Boutique are offering...

  10% discount using the code goodgollymisshollie

The offer is available on all orders over £15 and is valid until February 28th.

You can enter The Happiness Boutique giveaway here for your chance to to win a statement necklace. 

What do you think of statement necklaces... which is your favourite piece of jewellery?



Another working week, another set of outfits! I have been dabbling with quite a lot of black it would seem and my goodness there isn't a pair of black, Topshop Joni jeans in sight.

Outfit One: For a Monday morning you can't go wrong with a little black dress. This one is from Primark and selling for a steal at £5. I wore it with black tights and a new favourite beaded, waterfall necklace from a little craft shop in Haworth. Keeping it simple I wore a simple pair of metallic loafers from Zara on my feet.

Outfit Two: Possibly my favourite outfit of the moment, rocking my leopard print top which was an absolute steal from a vintage shop again in Haworth. I tucked it into a simple, black bodycon skirt from H+M and wrapped a leopard print belt around my waist. I'm wearing my red Dr Marten's on my feet and a classic red lip in the form of 'Russian Red' by MAC.

Outfit Three: I love this geometric print dress from Topshop complete with flared sleeves. I wore it with a pendant necklace and grey cardigan. On my feet I have my Kurt Geiger, sparkly gold slippers and of course another pair of chunky tights.

Outfit Four: A classic 'Hollie' outfit here, i'm wearing that infamous studded collar shirt from Zara with a Chelsea Girl dress which I think is my absolute favourite dress ever. I have a leopard print dolly bow in my hair and on my feet i'm rocking a pair of leopard print Michael Kors high top trainers.

Which outfit is your favourite?

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I've been shaking up my make-up recently, actually straying away from old favourites and giving new stuff a try. Having spent a few hours...Yes hours in a discounted make-up shop I came away with two products. I think the overwhelming amount and cheer cheapness skewed my brain into thinking...This is dangerous!

I bought the Revlon 'Airbrush Photoready' foundation which is quite strange. It's a very moussey formula that sprays out of the bottle like I don't know what. It takes some blending too to build up any kind of coverage. Weird. But I love it and once you work with it, it gives for some great medium coverage that isn't too sticky on the face and lasts all day long with a touch of powder. 

I also found myself dabbling with the Rimmel Lasting Finish concealer which is also pretty darn good. The coverage is again, buildable and doesn't crack or cake when layered and blended to cover a whole host of sins, dark circles, spots, redness anyone? 

Have you tried the Revlon Photoready or the Rimmel lasting finish concealer?



The window of a week through Instagram: @goodgollymisshollie | Cappuccino in Shoreditch | Yaki Soba @Wagamamma | #throwback | A nice quote I stumbled by | Barbican Laundrette | Z Hotels shower | Coffee + cocktails | Miyagi Liverpool | Domestic cat aka lioness

Going up

* Catching up with my good friend and tucking into delicious steamed buns with sticky hoi sin sauce, mushrooms and oysters with a side serving for crispy, duck gyoza's @ Miyagi on Bold St, Liverpool.  
* Smashing a ridiculously hectic schedule at work. On Monday it seemed impossible, by Thursday afternoon it was done and dusted.

* Heading down to my old pal the big smoke with footwear brand and one of my clients, Public Desire. Mainly discovering what happens behind the scenes on a new season campaign shoot and absorbing the excitement and hard work that goes into creating a look. I also met a super blogger and learned about the kind of roles bloggers have with brands these days. I swooned over their new Chloe boots, I even bought myself a pair this morning as my heart eyed emoji face was just too much.

* The feeling of sleeping in plump, hotel sheets. I stayed at the Z hotel in Shoreditch. For a budget hotel it was bob on. I appreciate little things, in this case it was the mini Brabantia pedal bin, shower accessories and tea and coffee station. 

* Tucking into a huge bowl of yaki soba @ Wagamammas, getting heavy on the chilli oil and devouring gyoza's splashed in soy sauce. 

* Finding the whole David's dead confusion on #CBB far too gob smackingly amusing...Don't know what i'm talking about, watch this.  My mouth literally wouldn't shut, how could the death of Bowie be made so farcical? 

Going down

* Feeling travel sick. The Virgin, tilt trains connecting the north with the south make me feel so green. 

* Rain. Just when you think you're going to get away with a good hair day...It rains, hard. 

* The deaths of David Bowie and Alan Rickman, two greats gone this week.


* Love die late on Great Portland Street - super cool, retro vibes and decent falafel and hummus wraps.

* Places not too dissimilar with women running it also not too dissimilar to Dot Cotton and her laundrette do exist in London town. 

* Calooh Callay in Shoreditch - If I had an unlimited budget for interior decoration, it would be decked out like this place. Think Holly Golightly's bathtub sofa and Mick Jagger's 70s playroom. Apparently the cocktails are good too.

Positive of the week

* Feeling a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and moving forward. 

Favourite song of the week

* Future Islands - Seasons.



For every day at the office in 2016, I vouched to wear a bright lipstick. Not only does a bold lip help me to feel more put together, but it is also a great confidence booster. I am really trying despite a really difficult circumstance in my life to be bold and happy like my lipstick. Because as Elizabeth Taylor once said: "Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together."

I have a few of my favourite bold lipsticks on rotation and I usually start the week with 'No Competition' by Benefit it's a deep, muted purple that is insanely glossy. A girl who would later become the fiance of an ex boyfriend (weird) gave me it at a ball years ago as I had no lippy... I never gave it back. Her loss though because it's a lovely plummy, shade that looks especially good with a tan. 

I love a bold, pink lip and we all know 'Girl about town' from MAC is my all time favourite lipstick. I like to wear this on days when I have meetings, or something particularly tricky is on the horizon, it's a great pick me up and insanely glossy and hydrating. It wears well too so I never have to worry about the dreaded 'strawberry mouth.' My second pink of choice is 'Brighton Rock' from Topshop it's an absolute banger so I know why the bloggersphere go mental for it. The colour is a lighter, baby pink that really makes your teeth look white.

When a red lip day is upon me (usually midweek) I go for a classic 'Russian Red' by MAC. It is more comfortable to wear than my other old favourite, Ruby Woo and though it is a matte finish, it isn't overly drying and wears well on the lips. If my outfit is going to contain at least a hint of leopard print, a classic, bold red lip is the perfect pairing.

Purple lips take my fancy more towards the end of the week, they're a great pick me up and when left to do the talking with a paired back eye, they look insane. I love 'Heroine' from MAC it is a really insipid purple and makes me feel all alien-esc. My second purple calling is 'Vamp' by make-up revolution, a seriously deep purple that looks black in the bullet. Great for days when you don't want people to disturb you.

Which lipstick makes you feel most confident?



As Holly Golightly would take herself to Tiffany's when a case of the mean reds hit. I take myself to an antique shop. I was recently in Haworth, the home to the infamous Bronte family. It is a beautiful, quaint place just 50 minutes from my parents house in West Yorkshire. Haworth is home to some pretty cool thrift and antique shops and I found myself picking up some treats.

From The Souk, I found a 1950s wine carafe. It looks a little Moroccan with the coloured weave and unusual shape. As i'm not a big wine drinker I use this for cocktails of course! It's pretty good for water on the dinner table too,

After a browse in a few thrift shops along the hill, I found a rather gorgeous turtle neck, leopard print top. When my parents moved house, a lot of my clothes - including my stash of leopard print wonders got given to charity therefore i'm slowly trying to build up my collection again. I like to wear it with black skinny jeans and a little ra ra skirt.

Finally, I spotted a little red handbag in the Rose and Co Apothecary where they have loads of vintage-esc bits and pieces. My handbag is a 1940s style, Chanel-esc number that is bright red, plastic and awesome. It's super roomy and perfect for a night out.

Have you ever visited Haworth?



The window of a week through Instagram: @goodgollymisshollie | Feelin' snuggly | New acrylics | Pin of the week | #throwback to sunnier times | Featuring in a LJMU careers book | Weatherspoons tea | Gorgeous flower arrangement | Hot chocolate @Leaf | Cafe culture 

Going up

* Catching up with friends. It's been so nice to see so many of my favourite people over hot chocolate @ Leaf, my usual order at Nando's (Mango + Lime mushroom and halloumi pitta with peri chips and garlic bread, if you're interested) and of course a cheap and cheerful tea at Weatherspoons. It's been so nice to soak up some soul food from good friends. I'm pretty shit at keeping in contact and maintaining friendships (Asperger problems) but i'm really making an effort to be there as much as my friends are all there for me.

* Driving. Having driven on the motorway in thick fog, I no longer give starting the engine and driving a second thought. I have to say that I never expected to have my full confidence back but I have and the freedom is amazing. 

* Moving desk at work. Sounds crazy but I now sit in a sandwich between two massive windows and the light source really makes a difference when it comes to that 3pm lull. On the same vein, it's been so good to get back to work and my routine.

* Refreshing my acrylics with 'Everyday is Oktoberfest' by OPI. Such a gorgeous purpley/burgundy shade that looks pretty cool on shorter nails too. 

* The therapeutic nature of cleaning. I gave my flat a good old bleaching, hoovering and dusting and I felt so much better afterwards. #tidyflat-tidymind and all that.

* Diggin' on my new ombre hair. At first I wasn't so sure because it's so 'safe' but after having so many wonderful compliments on the new gradual bob cut + colour I have grown to love it too. 

Going down

* Feeling a little disappointed at this years CBB line up, nearly all of this years housemates have featured in another reality TV show at some point. The producers must have really scraped the barrel even more so than previous years because there's nobody above the Z list in there. The i'm a celeb line-up was so much better. 

* A stinking ear infection. As a kid I suffered from terrible ear infections and for many years I haven't had a flare up...Until this week! My whole throat feels like it has a tennis ball in it and motivation to get out of bed on a dark, cold morning is tough when you feel garbage. 

* The gym. Having headed back in the gym on Monday, the ear infection stopped me from being able to go again this week which has made me feel super unproductive and fat. 


* Jess Glynne's album ' I cry when I laugh.' - Top tracks 'Don't be so hard on yourself' + 'Take me home.' I've really enjoyed all her released songs since her debut with Route 94 and after seeing her perform on Jools Holland's Hootenanny, I thought i'd give her album a whirl.

* Justin Bieber. I really don't like him as an individual however, I have been loving his songs recently. That's what driving to work listening to Radio 1 does to you i'm diggin' on 'What do you mean' and 'Sorry' in particular. Who'd have thought it ey? 

Positive of the week

* Finding myself in a LJMU careers book as a 'success' story from university into full time work. 

Favourite beauty product of the week

* 'Russian Red' lippy from Mac.

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New Year is always a funny one for me, I love the thought of a fresh start but the thought of making resolutions kind of scares me a little...As a perfectionist, keeping up to them is a hard job.

As 2016 has now begun, i've thought about the things I want to achieve from this year, not heroic changes, just little things and here are a list if you're interested. 

* Stop biting my nails. I've had this habit my entire life and it's so grim. I hope to treat myself to some sassy talons more often too.

* Start practising yoga. As somebody who can't touch their toes I am a little sceptical about anything more complex than a downwards dog.

* Be more proactive with choices. Make a decision and stick with it, no umming and ahrring. 

* Up my gym game. I've been doing 30 minutes twice a week as I find the gym so darn boring. This year i'm going to try and do a bit more.

* See family more. I currently only get home every 6-7 weeks, now i've mastered my driving I hope to get home more.

* Make a point to wear bright lipstick, every single day.

* Drink more water. It's a miracle if I drink a glass a day. Living in a country where I can nourish my body with clean water, I should really take advantage of that.

* Work harder to achieve more responsibility at work. I love my job and there's so much more to be learnt. In 2016 I want to become more skilful and confident as a content marketing professional.

* Discover a new place and make a scrapbook full of memories.

Do you have any New Years resolutions? 



On Boxing Day, I was feeling restless. Having sat around for a few days doing nothing but eat chocolates and drink gin, I felt it was time to get out in the fresh air. As I drove into town, the air was crisp and the sun was shining, a recording of Florence and the Machine playing at the Radio 1 big weekend and with Christmas pennies burning a hole in my pocket, it felt like a good day.

I have been itching for an adult colouring book for some time, so I headed into The Works and found my favourite set of pictures to sit and scribble on. I chose the 'Mandalas' book as the patterns are gorgeous, they remind me of a kaleidoscope, boho inspired and intricate. I've been sat on an evening colouring away, there's something hugely therapeutic about it.

Next I headed for Topshop and whilst non of the clothes were taking my fancy, I was impressed with the jewellery section. I bought a charm pendant from the Freedom range which features beads and a little Hamsa hand and an angel wing. I also bought a throat chakra charm which is supposed to amplify, communication, healing and creativity.

A few years ago i'd seen Damien Hirst's diamond encrusted skull and I have always had a penchant for it. So when I saw a carved metal skill in the TK Maxx I knew I had to have it. Blingy, yes...Tacky, borderline but I love it.

My final stop was the garden centre, being at home with my Mum and Dad and all, they drag me off to these kind of places, but actually I quite like wandering around the garden centre, especially in the homeware/ giftware section. I find it really sad when Christmas is over and all the magical decorations and what not are in the sales, displays are being pulled down and the festivities are over. I found myself hankering after a leopard print, mockingbird decoration and a purple and gold peacock feather. I decided that as they were 50% off I would buy them as part of next years Christmas decorations.

Did you head out to to the Boxing Day / New Year sales?
Did you find anything nice?

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