For every day at the office in 2016, I vouched to wear a bright lipstick. Not only does a bold lip help me to feel more put together, but it is also a great confidence booster. I am really trying despite a really difficult circumstance in my life to be bold and happy like my lipstick. Because as Elizabeth Taylor once said: "Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together."

I have a few of my favourite bold lipsticks on rotation and I usually start the week with 'No Competition' by Benefit it's a deep, muted purple that is insanely glossy. A girl who would later become the fiance of an ex boyfriend (weird) gave me it at a ball years ago as I had no lippy... I never gave it back. Her loss though because it's a lovely plummy, shade that looks especially good with a tan. 

I love a bold, pink lip and we all know 'Girl about town' from MAC is my all time favourite lipstick. I like to wear this on days when I have meetings, or something particularly tricky is on the horizon, it's a great pick me up and insanely glossy and hydrating. It wears well too so I never have to worry about the dreaded 'strawberry mouth.' My second pink of choice is 'Brighton Rock' from Topshop it's an absolute banger so I know why the bloggersphere go mental for it. The colour is a lighter, baby pink that really makes your teeth look white.

When a red lip day is upon me (usually midweek) I go for a classic 'Russian Red' by MAC. It is more comfortable to wear than my other old favourite, Ruby Woo and though it is a matte finish, it isn't overly drying and wears well on the lips. If my outfit is going to contain at least a hint of leopard print, a classic, bold red lip is the perfect pairing.

Purple lips take my fancy more towards the end of the week, they're a great pick me up and when left to do the talking with a paired back eye, they look insane. I love 'Heroine' from MAC it is a really insipid purple and makes me feel all alien-esc. My second purple calling is 'Vamp' by make-up revolution, a seriously deep purple that looks black in the bullet. Great for days when you don't want people to disturb you.

Which lipstick makes you feel most confident?

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