New Year is always a funny one for me, I love the thought of a fresh start but the thought of making resolutions kind of scares me a little...As a perfectionist, keeping up to them is a hard job.

As 2016 has now begun, i've thought about the things I want to achieve from this year, not heroic changes, just little things and here are a list if you're interested. 

* Stop biting my nails. I've had this habit my entire life and it's so grim. I hope to treat myself to some sassy talons more often too.

* Start practising yoga. As somebody who can't touch their toes I am a little sceptical about anything more complex than a downwards dog.

* Be more proactive with choices. Make a decision and stick with it, no umming and ahrring. 

* Up my gym game. I've been doing 30 minutes twice a week as I find the gym so darn boring. This year i'm going to try and do a bit more.

* See family more. I currently only get home every 6-7 weeks, now i've mastered my driving I hope to get home more.

* Make a point to wear bright lipstick, every single day.

* Drink more water. It's a miracle if I drink a glass a day. Living in a country where I can nourish my body with clean water, I should really take advantage of that.

* Work harder to achieve more responsibility at work. I love my job and there's so much more to be learnt. In 2016 I want to become more skilful and confident as a content marketing professional.

* Discover a new place and make a scrapbook full of memories.

Do you have any New Years resolutions? 

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