On Boxing Day, I was feeling restless. Having sat around for a few days doing nothing but eat chocolates and drink gin, I felt it was time to get out in the fresh air. As I drove into town, the air was crisp and the sun was shining, a recording of Florence and the Machine playing at the Radio 1 big weekend and with Christmas pennies burning a hole in my pocket, it felt like a good day.

I have been itching for an adult colouring book for some time, so I headed into The Works and found my favourite set of pictures to sit and scribble on. I chose the 'Mandalas' book as the patterns are gorgeous, they remind me of a kaleidoscope, boho inspired and intricate. I've been sat on an evening colouring away, there's something hugely therapeutic about it.

Next I headed for Topshop and whilst non of the clothes were taking my fancy, I was impressed with the jewellery section. I bought a charm pendant from the Freedom range which features beads and a little Hamsa hand and an angel wing. I also bought a throat chakra charm which is supposed to amplify, communication, healing and creativity.

A few years ago i'd seen Damien Hirst's diamond encrusted skull and I have always had a penchant for it. So when I saw a carved metal skill in the TK Maxx I knew I had to have it. Blingy, yes...Tacky, borderline but I love it.

My final stop was the garden centre, being at home with my Mum and Dad and all, they drag me off to these kind of places, but actually I quite like wandering around the garden centre, especially in the homeware/ giftware section. I find it really sad when Christmas is over and all the magical decorations and what not are in the sales, displays are being pulled down and the festivities are over. I found myself hankering after a leopard print, mockingbird decoration and a purple and gold peacock feather. I decided that as they were 50% off I would buy them as part of next years Christmas decorations.

Did you head out to to the Boxing Day / New Year sales?
Did you find anything nice?

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