As Holly Golightly would take herself to Tiffany's when a case of the mean reds hit. I take myself to an antique shop. I was recently in Haworth, the home to the infamous Bronte family. It is a beautiful, quaint place just 50 minutes from my parents house in West Yorkshire. Haworth is home to some pretty cool thrift and antique shops and I found myself picking up some treats.

From The Souk, I found a 1950s wine carafe. It looks a little Moroccan with the coloured weave and unusual shape. As i'm not a big wine drinker I use this for cocktails of course! It's pretty good for water on the dinner table too,

After a browse in a few thrift shops along the hill, I found a rather gorgeous turtle neck, leopard print top. When my parents moved house, a lot of my clothes - including my stash of leopard print wonders got given to charity therefore i'm slowly trying to build up my collection again. I like to wear it with black skinny jeans and a little ra ra skirt.

Finally, I spotted a little red handbag in the Rose and Co Apothecary where they have loads of vintage-esc bits and pieces. My handbag is a 1940s style, Chanel-esc number that is bright red, plastic and awesome. It's super roomy and perfect for a night out.

Have you ever visited Haworth?

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