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Going up

* Catching up with friends. It's been so nice to see so many of my favourite people over hot chocolate @ Leaf, my usual order at Nando's (Mango + Lime mushroom and halloumi pitta with peri chips and garlic bread, if you're interested) and of course a cheap and cheerful tea at Weatherspoons. It's been so nice to soak up some soul food from good friends. I'm pretty shit at keeping in contact and maintaining friendships (Asperger problems) but i'm really making an effort to be there as much as my friends are all there for me.

* Driving. Having driven on the motorway in thick fog, I no longer give starting the engine and driving a second thought. I have to say that I never expected to have my full confidence back but I have and the freedom is amazing. 

* Moving desk at work. Sounds crazy but I now sit in a sandwich between two massive windows and the light source really makes a difference when it comes to that 3pm lull. On the same vein, it's been so good to get back to work and my routine.

* Refreshing my acrylics with 'Everyday is Oktoberfest' by OPI. Such a gorgeous purpley/burgundy shade that looks pretty cool on shorter nails too. 

* The therapeutic nature of cleaning. I gave my flat a good old bleaching, hoovering and dusting and I felt so much better afterwards. #tidyflat-tidymind and all that.

* Diggin' on my new ombre hair. At first I wasn't so sure because it's so 'safe' but after having so many wonderful compliments on the new gradual bob cut + colour I have grown to love it too. 

Going down

* Feeling a little disappointed at this years CBB line up, nearly all of this years housemates have featured in another reality TV show at some point. The producers must have really scraped the barrel even more so than previous years because there's nobody above the Z list in there. The i'm a celeb line-up was so much better. 

* A stinking ear infection. As a kid I suffered from terrible ear infections and for many years I haven't had a flare up...Until this week! My whole throat feels like it has a tennis ball in it and motivation to get out of bed on a dark, cold morning is tough when you feel garbage. 

* The gym. Having headed back in the gym on Monday, the ear infection stopped me from being able to go again this week which has made me feel super unproductive and fat. 


* Jess Glynne's album ' I cry when I laugh.' - Top tracks 'Don't be so hard on yourself' + 'Take me home.' I've really enjoyed all her released songs since her debut with Route 94 and after seeing her perform on Jools Holland's Hootenanny, I thought i'd give her album a whirl.

* Justin Bieber. I really don't like him as an individual however, I have been loving his songs recently. That's what driving to work listening to Radio 1 does to you i'm diggin' on 'What do you mean' and 'Sorry' in particular. Who'd have thought it ey? 

Positive of the week

* Finding myself in a LJMU careers book as a 'success' story from university into full time work. 

Favourite beauty product of the week

* 'Russian Red' lippy from Mac.

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