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Going up

* Catching up with my good friend and tucking into delicious steamed buns with sticky hoi sin sauce, mushrooms and oysters with a side serving for crispy, duck gyoza's @ Miyagi on Bold St, Liverpool.  
* Smashing a ridiculously hectic schedule at work. On Monday it seemed impossible, by Thursday afternoon it was done and dusted.

* Heading down to my old pal the big smoke with footwear brand and one of my clients, Public Desire. Mainly discovering what happens behind the scenes on a new season campaign shoot and absorbing the excitement and hard work that goes into creating a look. I also met a super blogger and learned about the kind of roles bloggers have with brands these days. I swooned over their new Chloe boots, I even bought myself a pair this morning as my heart eyed emoji face was just too much.

* The feeling of sleeping in plump, hotel sheets. I stayed at the Z hotel in Shoreditch. For a budget hotel it was bob on. I appreciate little things, in this case it was the mini Brabantia pedal bin, shower accessories and tea and coffee station. 

* Tucking into a huge bowl of yaki soba @ Wagamammas, getting heavy on the chilli oil and devouring gyoza's splashed in soy sauce. 

* Finding the whole David's dead confusion on #CBB far too gob smackingly amusing...Don't know what i'm talking about, watch this.  My mouth literally wouldn't shut, how could the death of Bowie be made so farcical? 

Going down

* Feeling travel sick. The Virgin, tilt trains connecting the north with the south make me feel so green. 

* Rain. Just when you think you're going to get away with a good hair day...It rains, hard. 

* The deaths of David Bowie and Alan Rickman, two greats gone this week.


* Love die late on Great Portland Street - super cool, retro vibes and decent falafel and hummus wraps.

* Places not too dissimilar with women running it also not too dissimilar to Dot Cotton and her laundrette do exist in London town. 

* Calooh Callay in Shoreditch - If I had an unlimited budget for interior decoration, it would be decked out like this place. Think Holly Golightly's bathtub sofa and Mick Jagger's 70s playroom. Apparently the cocktails are good too.

Positive of the week

* Feeling a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and moving forward. 

Favourite song of the week

* Future Islands - Seasons.

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