The end of the month signals one thing...Monthly beauty favourites.

Skincare - Toner: I have been having a little shake up on my beauty shelves, bringing some old forgotten favourites to the front and rediscovering why I love them. One of my new (old) discoveries is the ESPA Herbal spa-fresh toner,* which is an aromatic toner to hydrate, revive and clarify the skin. It smells absolutely delicious and certainly reminds me of that fresh, spa scent. After cleansing my skin, I apply the toner to my skin using a cotton pad to gently hydrate and clarify my skin.

Scent: As you guys know, I love perfume and switching my scent up depending on my mood. I've currently been reaching for the DKNY 'Be electric - Loving glow*' scent which is a really young, strong fragrance. It is described by DKNY as a sparkle of blackcurrant, grape and pineapple with jasmine, violet, vanilla, amber-wood and musk. Fruity is exactly what it is, and whilst it isn't the most sophisticated scent, for the daytime or as a morning revival after a workout at the gym, it is lovely.

Hair care - Conditioner: I have been keeping the brassiness within my ombre hair at bay with the Bleach London, purple condition. Now, I know there is some controversy on whether or not purple conditioner is actually all that effective, but I find that when used with a purple shampoo it adds those every little helps. Not only does this conditioner smell incredible, it is also super hydrating and nourishing on blonde hair which tends to be dry and brittle on the ends.

Brows: I started off not enjoying 'The Tamer' eyebrow kit from George @ASDA as the shadows seemed quite chalky and not very easy to work with. As time has passed and I have persevered with it, and finally got the shadow moving in a way that makes my brows look neat and shaped without the whole caterpillar brow vibe going on. I unfortunately had to pick up the 'blonde' variant but the ashy shade is perfect as a base for eyeshadow or on days where time is of the essence. 

Eyes - Liquid liner: If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (gollymissholli3) you'll know that I have been dabbling with liquid liner. I wish I had been one of those cool girls in year 10/11 who mastered the perfect flick because my goodness it is a ball ache at 7:30 every morning. I have been trying a number of methods, gel liner, kohl liner, angled brush, thin brush you name it. My aunt very kindly sent me a few US beauty goodies to try and the Maybelline 'Lash Stiletto' liquid liner was included. Now, it's taking some practice that's for certain but the precision nib and dark inky liquid make things oh so much easier. 

Base - blush: Another US beauty favourite, the Maybelline 'Master Hi-light' - a highlighting blush that is absolutely incredible at giving a healthy glow that's sunkissed and dewy. The powder is light and creamy and when applied to the upper cheekbone looks incredible when paired with a nude lip and brown, smokey eyes. 

Which beauty products have you been loving this month?



This week, denim has been having its moment, in fact, the slightly androgynous vibe in general has been a winner in my eyes of late. Because after all, who says you can't dress like a teenage, indie boy every once in a while? 

Outfit One: Here I am wearing a plain, denim shirt from Topshop, which i've buttoned to the top and worked large, chunky antique beads under the collar. I'm just wearing a simple pair of spray on, black skinny jeans from Primark. On my feet I was rocking a pair of high top converse which I believe have been in my wardrobe since my high school days! Say waah?

Outfit Two: Yes, I confess, this red plaid shirt is actually a p-jay top from Primark, it's supposed to be a sleep shirt but I wear it day to day. It's layered over a plain, black vest top with my favourite, charm necklace from Topshop to accessorise. Sorry to be a bore, but again I am wearing the same black skinny jeans I had on the day previously. On my lips i'm rocking 'Russian Red' from MAC. 

Outfit Three: Sorry for the slightly blurred pic here, my phone has the tendency to some days take a gorgeous, clear photo and other days blur the hell out of everything. I'm wearing a plain black midi dress from New Look with an oversized blazed from Topshop, I bought this a few seasons ago in a size 14 and i've had crazy amounts of wear out of it. My necklace is from a hippy market in Ibiza and my bracelets are a mixture from Michael Kors and vintage stores.

Outfit Four: Ah I really liked this outfit that I threw together, My sweatshirt is from Zara and reads 'I'm not a princess, i'm a rockstar' (lol) and it's layered over a leopard print skater dress from New Look. My cropped denim jacket is from Primark and i'm pretty sure i've had it since I was in year 9 (wtf) I'm wearing a choker style necklace from Topshop which has a crescent moon on a simple string and of course the trusty ol' converse are out again.

Which outfit is your favourite?



The window of a week through Instagram: @goodgollymisshollie | Portobello Road | Oxford | Vampy lips | Rain in Oxford | Homeslice in Shoreditch | Liverpool @ dusk | My first acai bowl | The snake cuff | Breakfast

...This edition seems to be packed with food

Going up 

* Tucking into a huge 20" pizza at Homeslice in Shoreditch. One side was corn and chorizo and the other shoulder of lamb with savoy cabbage and mint yogurt. The pizza's at Homeslice are absolutely delicious if like me you are a huge foodie and pizza rocks your world - You haven't tried pizza until you've tried Homeslice.

* The power of a bubbles. Nothing more delightful after a day on your feet than sinking into a hot bath with a glass of Prosecco, a few candles and some incense. 

* Enjoying an evening with my friend. Quite the little chef, she made a gorgeous puff pastry tart with mozzarella, pesto and tomato with homemade wedges and a lime mayo dip. With wine, Ben and Jerry's ice cream and homemade banana bread with a side of Coronation Street, it was the perfect evening. 

* Managing to bump my running up to 5k. Yes, I know you running folk out there will be sneering into your brew, but for me, somebody who can't run to the shop it's a big deal. Instead of timing my gym sessions, I measure them by distance completed and it sure does help with motivation and willingness to actually be there.

* Home dye jobs. my latest hair dabble is ombre, yeah so 2011 I know but I think the gradual brunette to blonde transition adds depth to my shorter hair, I did it myself too and i'm pretty darn proud. I think if you're going to go ombre, the high contrast variant looks the most snazzy.

* Exploring Oxford. I've never visited Oxford before so I jumped at the opportunity to explore the ancient, academic city. I must say I did feel a little like a Harry Potter character exploring the historic university grounds and though the rain and wind were lashing hard, escaping to the (supposed) oldest cafe in Europe for a hot chai latte and a spot of lunch was idyllic. I'd love to return and head out punting on the river. I recommend the flea market, I found some interesting jewellery pieces that I will be sharing with you soon...Watch this space.

* Finally getting my mittens on an acai bowl. For those of you who know who Niomi Smart is, she inspired me to try an acai bowl. Apparently great for anti ageing and other glorious health benefits, the bowl is made  up of Acai berries blended into a thick smoothie and topped with granola and fruit. As I was in London I decided to hit Viva Acai based next to Gloucester road tube station and try my first acai bowl - it was so lush and unique in taste.


Homeslice, Old Street (Various other locations around London)

Oxford Primark, a teeny, tiny store carrying all the best stuff! No rooting through to find something good, everything is good in there, particularly their t-shirt stock. I bought a white, oversized tea with feather print. 

Baked egg breakfast as seen in the pic above. Oh my, I first discovered this on Rosie, The Londoner's blog years ago but never tried to execute it myself. I added chickpeas and red lentils into mine to bulk it out and prepare me for the day. Dipped with crusty, olive and rosemary bread it is the best breakfast in the world. Though I save it as a weekend treat only. 

Zagros Persian restaurant, Liverpool. The most amazing, interesting cuisine the lamb chops are delicious and the tomato based mains are heavenly. Though, the Dooh, yogurt drink wasn't to my taste. Think sour yogurt, mint, water and salt. Hmmm.

Megan Ellaby's blog - Pages by Megan. So fashion/rock n roll/ hot boyfriend. So what I want to be ha ha.

Track of the week

'Charlamagne' by Blossoms.



[ Old GlossyBox to store bracelets and earrings | Ring box from Snoopers in Brighton]

Just looking at that picture gives me an intense heart eye emoji, I just love jewellery. I know, you know this but it's so true. Here's a few of the pieces in my costume jewellery collection.

I hang my necklaces on a coat hanger from Primark, simple, yet effective in keeping them visible and most importantly, knot free. My necklaces are mostly vintage with a few pieces from various markets.

I just love cocktail rings, the bigger the better. I like to wear multiple stacked on each finger, makes for heavy work when typing but looks pretty cool. My rings are mostly Primark, affordable and on trend.

My bracelet collection is super miss matched, some are hand me downs, some are from various markets, gifts or random pieces i've acquired over the years.

If you'd like to know where anything specific is from, tweet me @holliebradbury 



After jewellery, handbags are my jam. There is few things as satisfying as rocking a new piece of arm candy and taking my time transferring the contents from one bag to another, sad? Probably, but for me it's therapeutic and oh so satisfying. Today i'm chatting handbags, the four that I am currently using the most. 

[ F O R  T H E  E S S E N T I A LS ]

The little red number you see above you, is my current favourite 'going out bag' it's made from plastic and it smells soooo good. I was taken in by the Chanel-esc style complete with quilting, hook lock and gold chain. It's actually from a vintage shop in Haworth  called the 'Rose and Co Apothecary' and fits in just the right amount of the essential possessions for a dinner out, a night out or even a wander around the shops.

[ F O R  E V E R Y D A Y]

This bag needs to introduction and whilst it has a whole post dedicated to it it is definitely worth a mention here as it is, my favourite handbag. I use my Mulberry Roxanne day to day for work and whilst I am a little afraid of battering it, I think a few (minor) scuffs add to its rustic vibe. My only qualm with this baby is that it gets super heavy really easily and isn't the most comfortable to carry...It's a legend though so I can't be too picky.

[ F O R  T R I P S  A B R O A D]

I found this beauty in River Island a few years ago and it was ridiculously priced a few weeks later it was reduced as some of the sequins had come off and I snapped it up. To me it is the perfect summer, boho shoulder bag complete with crazy amounts of fringing. I like to sling this over my shoulder when wandering a market or heading out for cocktails by the beach. I used it loads in Ibiza  and on a few trips in the years previously. When this bag comes out, you know it's holiday time.

[ F O R  T R A V E L L I N G]

I never thought that I would see the day that I became a backpack lover...But it happened and i'm so glad it did. I found this pleather backpack in TK MAXX, it had replaced a cheapy one i'd had from Primark and the handles snapped. I use this much sturdier version for when i'm heading down to London overnight or headed back to my parents' house for a few nights. It fits in all of my essentials when packed effectively and is super comfy to wear.

Which is your favourite?



I've been working on looking after my locks. There, I said it and I know you don't believe me because every-time I say I am going to start treating my hair with love and care, I end up saturating it with bleach. I've left my hair alone now for 5 weeks...Jee's that's a record for me and i've been treating it with the upmost respect, it seems pretty pleased with that too. 

I haven't dabbled with hair dye or daily washes for a little while now and to replace my need to slap colour on my head... i've been using a coconut oil mask once a week which has been ah-mazing (more on that in another post) and plenty of oils. Hair oils, I love them. I have currently been using the Alberto Balsam 'Smooth and sleek' oil which not only smells absolutely gorgeous (think jasmine and honey) but leaves my hair feeling insanely nourished and soft. Paraben free, there's no nasty's soaking into my weak hair strands and when worked into damp or dry hair it leaves it feeling amazing. 

I have also been using the Original Mineral 'Frizzy Logic' shine serum which includes Argan and Macadamia oil and leaves the hair feeling smooth and frizz free with a lovely shine. I keep this in my handbag and every dinner time brush a little through the ends of my hair.

My brunette / ombre hair is now super shiny and soft and almost ;) healthy.

Which is your favourite hair oil?

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Back with another dose of 'What i've been wearing' and this week has been about shaking up clothes that I haven't been wearing as much and trying to find a new way to work them. I think it was mission accomplished and I quite enjoyed revisiting some age old pieces..Oh hai red blazer!

Outfit One: Going for a casu-cool vibe and distinctly summery! I'm wearing my ripped Topshop Jamie jeans which have faded to a very dull grey shade. My striped top is from Zara and is a weird fit, it is kind of Bardot style across the shoulders and loose down the body. It's weird and I can't find many ways to make it work. My blazer is an oldie from Primark sometime in 2011. I wore it to my interview at the students union back in the day and the interviewer said I looked like an air hostess. Nice. My necklace is my statement piece from The Happiness Boutique

Outfit Two: Ah, this was one of my classic 'thrown together' outfits. I'm wearing a denim shirt from Zara underneath a black, midi dress from New Look that I tied in a knot at the knee. My necklace is from Topshop and is a usual suspect in my outfit shots. I'm wearing a few random bracelets from Topshop, markets in Ibiza and Primark.

Outfit Three: On this particular day I must have been feeling quite patterny. I'm wearing my beloved turban from Zara, man I love this thing, I just wish I had longer hair to rock it with. Very Bianca Jagger. I'm wearing a plain, black vest from Zara and a Kimono from H+M's conscious collection which is again years old. My necklace is from a vintage store in Haworth and i'm just rockin' the whole lot with some black skinny jeans from Topshop.

Outfit Four: Feelin' green it would seem. I'm wearing my latest favourite purchase, a snuggly green jumper from Warehouse. This is layered under a peacock green shift dress from Urban Outfitters, again years old. Primark's cosy tights are perfect for keeping you snug and stylish (obvs) and I wore the whole lot with 'Heroine' lipstick from MAC

Which outfit is your favourite?

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Looking at this little array of outfits, I feel like I should be transported back to my favourite season, autumn. Lots of orange, faux fur and tan going here...

Outfit One: Here i'm wearing a burnt orange mini dress that I bought in the Zara sale, I love the high neck complete with cute velvet collar. The dress features a cami underneath which sits slightly higher that the lace material, I think this looks really cute. I wore it with black tights, a faux fur cardigan from Primark and a few vintage accessories, my cat earrings and buddha necklace are from my favourite Antique store in Liverpool. On my feet I wore my glittery Kurt Geiger slippers.

Outfit Two: I must have been raiding my wardrobe in the duskyness of the early morning, because there is hella lot of prints and textures going on here! My sequin jeans are Topshop Joni's and my leopard print top is vintage. My necklace is from The Happiness Boutique  and my faux fur gilet is from TK Maxx. On this particular day I had on a pair of black, original converse.

Outfit Three: Ah, this dress really makes me swoon. It is again from the Zara sale and makes me feel all haute hippy when I wear it. I'm wearing it with a layered necklace which features moon and stars charms and on my feet I am again wearing my glittery Kurt Geiger slippers with a pair of chunky tights.

Outfit Four: My burnt orange or dare I say, sienna orange dress was out again, this time styled really simply with my statement necklace from The Happiness Boutique, a pair of black tights and a few bangles from Topshop. On my feet i'm wearing some heeled, cut out boots from Topshop which are a funky shade of olive green with snake print.



I often get asked if my bed sheets smell of cooking or if it's weird waking up in my kitchen...The answer to both is always no see, living in a studio flat has a few negatives, but when I say a few I mean one or two and they are probably that it's hard to entertain guests in one small space, or the fact my kitchen worktop space is limited...but for one person needing to live in a city centre where rent on 1 bedroom flats tops £650 without bills...a studio flat makes so much sense financially... for me anyway.

I have lived in a studio flat for 18 months now (Actually a little longer if you include my studio flat in London) the first studio was a teeny, tiny space where there was barely any room to swing a cat, but it was my space and nobody else'. My current studio flat is much bigger and nothing makes me happier than opening my front door to the cheery space with enormous sash windows and my belongings all having a place of their own.

I've touched upon living on my own before but never really how I make use of the small but ample space that I have. Yes, you could say that I sleep in my kitchen, but you could also say I have my office in my living room or my bedroom in my dining room. With a studio flat you have to work in sections. I have a desk area which doubles up as a dressing area, a chill area where my bed and sofa are, a dining area housing my table and chairs, my kitchen nook, my bathroom which is completely separate and still space left over to roll around on the floor, practise yoga or whatever takes my fancy.

F U R N I T U R E + S T O R A GE

The first thing I did when I moved into my studio flat was assess how I could best use the space with the furniture that came with it. I moved my bed into a better position which opened up a whole area to build extra storage. 

Storage is crucial, make use of under the bed, any cubby holes, on top of wardrobes etc. Once I had a reshuffle with the furniture I had the room to fit in two extra wardrobes, slimline ones from Argos that were cheap, look nice and fresh and most importantly store my clothes without being imposing in the room. I chose white units to reflect the light from my windows and give for a sleek appearance. In such a small space I have three wardrobes, which mean non of my clothes have suffered a cull and everything has a place.  

Shelving is also useful and whilst I have trinkets on some of my shelves, they are perfect for housing practical items such as the kettle or food away without taking up worktop or floor space.

C L E V E R  A C C E S S O R I E S

I am currently in the process of devising a way to temporarily section off my kitchen area, I originally wanted beads to hang from the ceiling to not only add colour to the room but also to look pretty whilst making my kitchen feel separate. Because of the odd shape of my room, this may not be possible, i'm still working on it. But in the meantime a cool, oriental style screen works just as well. That little bit of separation can make all the difference. 

I love living in a studio flat, I feel safe and it keeps my possessions edited, I am a fiend for hoarding and whilst I have cactus plants, a terrarium, antiques, a Chinese lucky cat, photos and artwork all dotted around the space, it isn't cluttered and its part of the charm of the place. Genuinely, if someone gave me a 1 bed flat for the space price I pay for my little studio, i'd turn them down. I freakin' love it, the only thing I wish it had is a bath...But you can't have it all eh?

Do you have any space savings tips for living in a studio / small space?



Allow me to introduce you to my favourite boots. I've been lusting after them for months and despite having some deliberation on whether to purchase them in nude or grey...I went with black because they look pretty dominatrixy. 

They're the Public Desire 'Chloe boots' complete with perspex heel and epic futuristic vibes. I freakin' love them. They are reminiscent of the Dior, perspex heeled boots and look super fierce when worn with a bare leg or with black skinny jeans.

As a gal usually found in her sparkly brogues or leopard print boots, the heel height was at first an obstacle and I did resemble a flamingo on ice tottering around the office. For you seasoned heel wearers the heel won't be a problem and I too have a little more grace about my strut having had these beauts for a few weeks.

What do you think of the perspex heel trend?



The window of a week through Instagram: @goodgollymisshollie | January beauty favourites | Young Fathers | Dinner @ Carluccio's | Massive Attack @ Manchester Apollo | #throwback | Hot to trot in the Dior dupes | #FOTN | My desk on Friday's | Cocktails @ Saltdog Slim's.

Going up

* Walking around Sefton Park in the hazy sunlight, the air was crisp and cool. The perfect start to the weekend.

* Being treated to a spare ticket to see Massive Attack @ Manchester Apollo. Plenty of blue WKD's (classy) consumed. Best song live? Karmacoma.

* Devouring one too many cocktails in Salt Dog Slim's and throwing out some questionable moves to Fleetwood Mac's 'Don't stop' in Mojo.

* Being treated to a lovely Valentine's gift from Carluccio's.  A gorgeous selection of white and dark chocolates* spelling out 'Tiamo' - they are truly scrumptious too. 

* Dinner on Saturday night at Carluccio's in Liverpool's Metquarter*. Lovely ambience, think dimmed lighting and twinkly, candlelit tables. A deliciously crisp bottle of Villa Muru Malvasia filled my glass and was drank alongside a starter of chicken pate served with red onion jam and a few slices of toasted foccacio. 

This was followed by mains of chicken saltimbocca and lobster spaghetti which are both recommended on the Carluccio's Valentine's day menu. (avail from 11th Feb) For desert there weren't many available to choose from so I opted for a traditional creamy tiramisu which was washed down nicely with an after dinner coffee. 

Going down

*  Massive Attack not playing Unfinished Sympathy.  They literally left the stage and I must admit, I was hoping their encore would chime in with the the oh so velvetty: "I know that i've been mad in love before..." but there was nothing. The lights came on and everyone left. 

* The gym. I just cannot seem to motivate myself to go at the moment. I know my mind will change when the lighter mornings and evenings rock around, but getting out of bed at 6am to exercise OR coming home from a long day at work to endure the treadmill. Any motivation tips are SO welcome!

Positive of the week

* Enjoying a lovely relaxed weekend before drinking cocktails and dancing the night away.

Favourite song of the week

* Kid Inc feat Fetty Wap - Promise

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