This week, denim has been having its moment, in fact, the slightly androgynous vibe in general has been a winner in my eyes of late. Because after all, who says you can't dress like a teenage, indie boy every once in a while? 

Outfit One: Here I am wearing a plain, denim shirt from Topshop, which i've buttoned to the top and worked large, chunky antique beads under the collar. I'm just wearing a simple pair of spray on, black skinny jeans from Primark. On my feet I was rocking a pair of high top converse which I believe have been in my wardrobe since my high school days! Say waah?

Outfit Two: Yes, I confess, this red plaid shirt is actually a p-jay top from Primark, it's supposed to be a sleep shirt but I wear it day to day. It's layered over a plain, black vest top with my favourite, charm necklace from Topshop to accessorise. Sorry to be a bore, but again I am wearing the same black skinny jeans I had on the day previously. On my lips i'm rocking 'Russian Red' from MAC. 

Outfit Three: Sorry for the slightly blurred pic here, my phone has the tendency to some days take a gorgeous, clear photo and other days blur the hell out of everything. I'm wearing a plain black midi dress from New Look with an oversized blazed from Topshop, I bought this a few seasons ago in a size 14 and i've had crazy amounts of wear out of it. My necklace is from a hippy market in Ibiza and my bracelets are a mixture from Michael Kors and vintage stores.

Outfit Four: Ah I really liked this outfit that I threw together, My sweatshirt is from Zara and reads 'I'm not a princess, i'm a rockstar' (lol) and it's layered over a leopard print skater dress from New Look. My cropped denim jacket is from Primark and i'm pretty sure i've had it since I was in year 9 (wtf) I'm wearing a choker style necklace from Topshop which has a crescent moon on a simple string and of course the trusty ol' converse are out again.

Which outfit is your favourite?

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