I've been working on looking after my locks. There, I said it and I know you don't believe me because every-time I say I am going to start treating my hair with love and care, I end up saturating it with bleach. I've left my hair alone now for 5 weeks...Jee's that's a record for me and i've been treating it with the upmost respect, it seems pretty pleased with that too. 

I haven't dabbled with hair dye or daily washes for a little while now and to replace my need to slap colour on my head... i've been using a coconut oil mask once a week which has been ah-mazing (more on that in another post) and plenty of oils. Hair oils, I love them. I have currently been using the Alberto Balsam 'Smooth and sleek' oil which not only smells absolutely gorgeous (think jasmine and honey) but leaves my hair feeling insanely nourished and soft. Paraben free, there's no nasty's soaking into my weak hair strands and when worked into damp or dry hair it leaves it feeling amazing. 

I have also been using the Original Mineral 'Frizzy Logic' shine serum which includes Argan and Macadamia oil and leaves the hair feeling smooth and frizz free with a lovely shine. I keep this in my handbag and every dinner time brush a little through the ends of my hair.

My brunette / ombre hair is now super shiny and soft and almost ;) healthy.

Which is your favourite hair oil?

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