Looking at this little array of outfits, I feel like I should be transported back to my favourite season, autumn. Lots of orange, faux fur and tan going here...

Outfit One: Here i'm wearing a burnt orange mini dress that I bought in the Zara sale, I love the high neck complete with cute velvet collar. The dress features a cami underneath which sits slightly higher that the lace material, I think this looks really cute. I wore it with black tights, a faux fur cardigan from Primark and a few vintage accessories, my cat earrings and buddha necklace are from my favourite Antique store in Liverpool. On my feet I wore my glittery Kurt Geiger slippers.

Outfit Two: I must have been raiding my wardrobe in the duskyness of the early morning, because there is hella lot of prints and textures going on here! My sequin jeans are Topshop Joni's and my leopard print top is vintage. My necklace is from The Happiness Boutique  and my faux fur gilet is from TK Maxx. On this particular day I had on a pair of black, original converse.

Outfit Three: Ah, this dress really makes me swoon. It is again from the Zara sale and makes me feel all haute hippy when I wear it. I'm wearing it with a layered necklace which features moon and stars charms and on my feet I am again wearing my glittery Kurt Geiger slippers with a pair of chunky tights.

Outfit Four: My burnt orange or dare I say, sienna orange dress was out again, this time styled really simply with my statement necklace from The Happiness Boutique, a pair of black tights and a few bangles from Topshop. On my feet i'm wearing some heeled, cut out boots from Topshop which are a funky shade of olive green with snake print.

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