3 February 2016


Allow me to introduce you to my favourite boots. I've been lusting after them for months and despite having some deliberation on whether to purchase them in nude or grey...I went with black because they look pretty dominatrixy. 

They're the Public Desire 'Chloe boots' complete with perspex heel and epic futuristic vibes. I freakin' love them. They are reminiscent of the Dior, perspex heeled boots and look super fierce when worn with a bare leg or with black skinny jeans.

As a gal usually found in her sparkly brogues or leopard print boots, the heel height was at first an obstacle and I did resemble a flamingo on ice tottering around the office. For you seasoned heel wearers the heel won't be a problem and I too have a little more grace about my strut having had these beauts for a few weeks.

What do you think of the perspex heel trend?


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