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...This edition seems to be packed with food

Going up 

* Tucking into a huge 20" pizza at Homeslice in Shoreditch. One side was corn and chorizo and the other shoulder of lamb with savoy cabbage and mint yogurt. The pizza's at Homeslice are absolutely delicious if like me you are a huge foodie and pizza rocks your world - You haven't tried pizza until you've tried Homeslice.

* The power of a bubbles. Nothing more delightful after a day on your feet than sinking into a hot bath with a glass of Prosecco, a few candles and some incense. 

* Enjoying an evening with my friend. Quite the little chef, she made a gorgeous puff pastry tart with mozzarella, pesto and tomato with homemade wedges and a lime mayo dip. With wine, Ben and Jerry's ice cream and homemade banana bread with a side of Coronation Street, it was the perfect evening. 

* Managing to bump my running up to 5k. Yes, I know you running folk out there will be sneering into your brew, but for me, somebody who can't run to the shop it's a big deal. Instead of timing my gym sessions, I measure them by distance completed and it sure does help with motivation and willingness to actually be there.

* Home dye jobs. my latest hair dabble is ombre, yeah so 2011 I know but I think the gradual brunette to blonde transition adds depth to my shorter hair, I did it myself too and i'm pretty darn proud. I think if you're going to go ombre, the high contrast variant looks the most snazzy.

* Exploring Oxford. I've never visited Oxford before so I jumped at the opportunity to explore the ancient, academic city. I must say I did feel a little like a Harry Potter character exploring the historic university grounds and though the rain and wind were lashing hard, escaping to the (supposed) oldest cafe in Europe for a hot chai latte and a spot of lunch was idyllic. I'd love to return and head out punting on the river. I recommend the flea market, I found some interesting jewellery pieces that I will be sharing with you soon...Watch this space.

* Finally getting my mittens on an acai bowl. For those of you who know who Niomi Smart is, she inspired me to try an acai bowl. Apparently great for anti ageing and other glorious health benefits, the bowl is made  up of Acai berries blended into a thick smoothie and topped with granola and fruit. As I was in London I decided to hit Viva Acai based next to Gloucester road tube station and try my first acai bowl - it was so lush and unique in taste.


Homeslice, Old Street (Various other locations around London)

Oxford Primark, a teeny, tiny store carrying all the best stuff! No rooting through to find something good, everything is good in there, particularly their t-shirt stock. I bought a white, oversized tea with feather print. 

Baked egg breakfast as seen in the pic above. Oh my, I first discovered this on Rosie, The Londoner's blog years ago but never tried to execute it myself. I added chickpeas and red lentils into mine to bulk it out and prepare me for the day. Dipped with crusty, olive and rosemary bread it is the best breakfast in the world. Though I save it as a weekend treat only. 

Zagros Persian restaurant, Liverpool. The most amazing, interesting cuisine the lamb chops are delicious and the tomato based mains are heavenly. Though, the Dooh, yogurt drink wasn't to my taste. Think sour yogurt, mint, water and salt. Hmmm.

Megan Ellaby's blog - Pages by Megan. So fashion/rock n roll/ hot boyfriend. So what I want to be ha ha.

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'Charlamagne' by Blossoms.

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