8 March 2016


With more frequent trips to the salon and less dabbling with home hair dye (yes you heard that here) I have been investing more and more in my hair. Afterall, if you can't beat 'em join em and all that. I am currently rocking a dark brown to light blonde ombre, which I absolutely love especially as I am so undecided on whether or not I want to be a full time brunette, or a full time blondie. 

Shampoo: I am currently using the Lee Stafford 'Bleach blondes' purple shampoo which is pretty darn awesome at keeping any brassiness in my lightest blonde ends, at bay, Of course, the majority of my hair is a more sandy, warm tone of blonde but this shampoo just keeps the dreaded orange away whilst maintaining a clean blonde on the very lightest pieces. 

Conditioner: In keeping with my purple tones products, I am using the Bleach London silver conditioner which I mentioned in my February beauty favourites. This conditioner is not only insanely nourishing and smells gorgeous, but it also helps, to again keep those prominent brassy tones at bay.

Deep conditioning: Once a week I like to treat my hair to something a little more nourishing and conditioning. I use coconut oil which is absolutely incredible at sucking the life back into over processed, dry and highly damaged hair. I leave the oil on for as long as possible, usually 3-4 hours before rinsing, once dry my hair is transformed, into shiny, sleek and soft strands of goodness. I alternate this style of conditioning treatment with the infamous Bleach London 'Reincarnation Mask' which really helps to zap the life back into bleached hair. As the formula is quite thick, I tend to leave this on my ends for an hour or so before rinsing.

Misc products: I don't use straighteners on my hair and go easy on the heat. I use the Nicky Clarke 'Diamond Shine' hair dryer for drying my hair, powering it on the medium heat. This thing is genuinely a shot of energy and my short, bob length hair is dry in seconds. I use the Redken Extreme 'Anti Snap' formula as a heat protectant and to pack the protein back into my locks. In terms of hair oils, I am still using the Alberto Balsam 'Sleek and shine' oil on the ends of my hair and keeping everything at bay with my leopard print Tangle Teezer.

Can you recommend any must-try hair products?


3 March 2016


A few weekends ago I headed to Oxford and was amazing by the quaint markets that were set up despite the lashing rain and howling wind. The inner magpie in me saw jewellery twinkling out of the corner of my eye and I rushed to take cover from the rain under the tarpaulin that housed trinkets galore. I must say my heart was racing because when I see jewellery I strange reaction occurs.

I found some really unusual pieces on the stall  named 'Gecko Spiritus' which is actually also stocked on Etsy. I am super glad about this because I could have bought absolutely everything. I tried to restrain myself by choosing pieces that were truly unique, I didn't want to be kicking myself wishing i'd bought them.

 The snake ear cuffs were the most unusual and i've had so many compliments when wearing them as they are just so different. They even make my oddly shaped ears look flattering which is a first. They are fully adjustable and super comfortable to wear, my only issue is that if you get hair trapped around your ear and the cuff, they tend to slip off so make sure your hair is pinned away from your ears.

The stall held all kinds of pendants for necklaces that you could choose the kind of chain and length that you preferred. I choose an 'Ohm' sign which is pretty big and went for a longer chain that I wear doubled up short or long depending on what i'm wearing. I love how the necklace looks when layered with other pieces and a little old lady hanging round the stall said it would bring me good luck...which i'll happily take!

Have you ever visited Oxford flea market?

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1 March 2016


Two new additions to my perfume collection come from Michael Kors, a brand whose bags and watches I have long since lusted after. Having fallen head over heels over their fragrance when I was first introduced to it last September via 'The Gold Collection' and the truly gorgeous 'White Gold' scent, I was really interested in Michael Kors' newest limited edition fragrances.

'Sexy Sunset' Eau de Parfum Housed in similar packaging to the gold collection, 'Sexy Sunset' is inspired by the glow of sunset. Dusk is my favourite time of the day and anything that encapsulates that is a winner in my eyes. 'Sexy Sunset' is a light scent made up of pear, lotus flower, blackcurrant and freesia, as well as peony, gardenia, rose, magnolia, jasmine and a blend of woods. I like to wear this scent in the daytime on a weekend and the travel sized bottle is easy to keep in my handbag to top up throughout the day.

'Coral' Eau de Parfum: Firstly, how gorgeous is the colour of this fragrance, a gorgeous juicy orange. The scent is inspired by the sun-drenched colour of the tropics and is made up of grapefruit, mandarin, blackcurrant, pink pepper and spice leaves, as well as sandalwood, ambrox, ceadarwood and musks. I have to say, out of the two scents, this is my favourite and smells delicious on the skin, it really reminds me of summer and is the perfect sent for applying after a day on the beach.

Have you tried the new limited edition scents from Michael Kors?

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