If there's one thing I love to do, it's shop! Of course it is...Especially when things are needed, okay maybe not needed but I always make sure that before any multiple purchases take place, I take a few old but good quality items to the charity shop. This is a routine i've been doing since September and not only does it keep my wardrobe fresh, but the whole thing seems more justifiable.

I have been on the hunt for some ankle boots in the style of those sexy Ash 'Jalouse' boots for some time now and though paying the £155 for them is certainly NOT something I can justify, the  same style of boot was attainable for the bargainous price of £5. Yes, £5. I found these Dolci's beauts in TJ Hughes, a discount store in Liverpool that stocks all the best Particularly make-up, hair and beauty items. Whilst they are ridiculously difficult to get on your foot, they look pretty snazzy with jeans rolled up over the ankle. The heel height is awesome too...Perfect for driving in and maintaining a sassy strut when walking.  I love the studs too...Now, if only I could find them in black!

Mustard is having a bit of a moment in my life at the moment and when I saw a tote bag sporting my favourite shade, I just had to have it. I needed a new bag for work and this large, slouchy, almost bucket-esc number was perfect. It has a longer detachable shoulder strap and a large removable pocket inside. It's pretty huge but then again I haul around a whole load of rubbish. The pleather is buttery soft and looks particularly great with all black errythaang.

What do you think? 
Do you know anywhere I can find Jalouse style boots?

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