Having hit a big milestone at work this month, I decided that a treat was in order and as much as I love make-up,  and food, this treat had to tickle my ultimate pickle (lol) and just had to be in the form of a handbag, my one true guilty pleasure. (Sorry Mum if you're reading.)

I like TK Maxx best for handbags and recently, the Liverpool store has had in some absolute designer handbag bangers in stock...Think Alexander Wang 'Rocky' Mui Mui, Stella McCartney, you name it, the bag of your dreams is in there. Just a shame, even at their discounted price they're still well out of my range. 

I spotted this JustCavalli number lurking with the clutch bags. I knew I didn't want a huge bag as i've been consciously trying to alleviate the strain on my poor, right shoulder. This super vibrant and kind of crazy, studded number was perfect, a statement bag, large enough to be a daytime or night time bag that can fit in all the essentials without killing my shoulder. 

Have you ever tried TK Maxx for handbags?

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